I love decorating for Christmas. I like to keep things towards more of a winter feel, vs. Christmas specific… but with Matt still away, I don’t feel quite ready to go all out. I waffle back and forth between wanting everything setting up for his home coming, and having him home to be a part of the action. Truth be told though, he usually let’s me follow my little heart in the decor front.

One thing I couldn’t resist was sprinkling a few fresh greens around the house… and now I think I need more. Greens everywhere! They smell amazing, and up the cozy factor by about +8.
Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-4I love these droopy sprigs over our light. The industrial farmhouse feel with the greens… mmm hmm.

Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-3I snapped these photos when the house was messy, and things are very much a work in progress… ie. twiggy in the right corner propped on the chair. I have to admit I love the greens on the hutch. That little hutch has my heart going pitter patter.Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-2I also draped some greens over our mantle beam. I made a wreath, and I think I want to go cut some branches to beef it up a bit… I really wanted to hang it on the mantle. BUT we put a plug smack dab in the middle just in case someone in the future would want to put their tv up there. It’s a thing… people do. Not we people, but, we wanted to be practical. Most of the time it isn’t an issue, unless you want to hang a circle with a hole in the middle.

Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-5I heart this fireplace. Maybe someday this winter will we finish the stone work. Maybe not. I love it anyways.

Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-6My make shift solution was to plop this shutter up there. I have a few shutters {4 to be exact} as well as some MMS Shutter Gray paint in my stash, so I think I am going to paint one up and try it. I like wood, but this is feeling a little too orangey against the reclaimed wood in the room.

Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-7I like the direction this is going… but you know I will continue to add and tweak, and might do something completely different! ha.Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-1

We have cleaning on the agenda today. I recently did a big clean/purge/organize of the boys room. I took everything out that didn’t belong in there- so all of the get rid of stuff has overflown into the loft. I am hoping to tackle that, and a weeks worth of laundry. Praying my baby naps and my boys want to join me or play happily. One can dream. What are you up to this weekend?

-Miss Ash

2 thoughts on “Sprigs of Green”

  1. hi mizz ash
    what a great twig tree, it looks like you purchased that!

    the smell of fresh every green branches is such a wonderful winter smell, enjoy.

    love mizz deborah ??✨?✨?

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