Hey, my name is Ashlea. I am a wife to a film maker, mother of three little ones, and a woman with a passion for creativity. Welcome.

In this place you will find me openly sharing my heart and soul in all it’s messiness…I talk about motherhood, the great and the hard. I share pictures of our house and projects {lots and lots of them!} with bits of my heart sprinkled here and there. I am a broken dreamer, finding beauty in the cracks, the dark, and the hopeless places, trying to embrace the truth of my Creator, and find purpose within this jumbled heart.

While I love to share photos of recent projects and talk about home stuff, I also believe that some days the soul needs to breathe, away from the pressure and expectations we place upon it. We need to allow ourselves the space to try new things, create and reflect.

I hope this space encourages you to seek to find beauty in the unexpected.

Perhaps you are like me- trying to create a lovely, liveable home with limited resources. It can sometimes be hard to wait, but it can also be so worth it. There is grace in the waiting. Grace in the making do, and finding contentment. Grace in embracing the sticky floors and imperfections of the day that show us we are truly living.

-Miss Ash

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