It is less than 3 weeks til Christmas! I haven’t really decorated much, in fact I won’t be bringing out any Christmas decorations until I have completed my current purge… I have a few boxes/bags of items to donate- and some paint cans and tools that need to find a home. I just want to be organized, and take inventory of what exactly is kicking around between these walls of ours. It felt really good to go through my boys stuff- especially because I know there will be some new things coming into their possession very soon.

Today I went through my daughters clothes, and packed up some of the little baby stuff that she had grown out of. I also brought out the next size. So. Many. Clothes.

Anyhoo, enough chatter! The reason I am popping in is to share my tips for painting hinges, screws and knobs. Replacing hardware can get expensive, that’s why whenever I can I try to re-use existing hardware. In the kitchen remodel for our first house, I re-used all of the knobs. In our current house I replaced the broken ones {they’re plastic} and relocated a few of the pulls to bottom drawers. In the case of the farmhouse hutch I didn’t want to go too crazy with the cost of updating it. So, I used a few mists of matte black spray paint on the hinges and knobs.

farmhouse Hutch Makeover Before and After

Farmhouse Hutch, cream and yellow-5

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover, Miss Mustard Seed Grain Sack| This Mamas Dance-6At some point the knobs were replaced, but I wasn’t digging the flowers, so I removed all of the hardware and painted it.

matte black spray painted hardware-2

I did 2 coats- and had to flip the knobs and hinges to get full coverage. To cover the screw heads I borrowed some old play doh from my kids’ stash…

matte black spray painted hardware-1

The hinges are mounted differently on the top doors, so I put them in the closed position and hit them up with one more pass to make sure I had all of the brass covered. I’ll be sure to let you know how the paint wears over time. The hinges are metal and the knobs are glass… so far the paint seems to have gripped beautifully.

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover, Miss Mustard Seed Grain Sack| This Mamas Dance-17

Updated Hardware with Matte Black Spray Paint

Are you a fan of spray paint? I think I love the accessibility of it. As long as you put down a drop cloth {or better yet, paint outside!} the clean up is so quick… no brushes to wash, and such a smooth, professional finish.

I hope you are enjoying your December. My boys had a blast decorating mini gingerbread houses today- during the baby’s nap time of course 😉

-Miss Ash

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