Hi! I am at home listening to All Sons and Daughters while my baby naps. The air is warm, the sun is shining, and things are peaceful in our house. Isn’t that such a good feeling? It feels a bit like a Saturday right now… the type of Saturday when you don’t have anything particular to do except for maybe a few loads of laundry and a date with a comfy chair and good book.

What better day then right now to share this little twig tree I put together this week. I wanted something wintery, that could stay up for a good part of the year. I love seasonal decorating, but I am a bit of a lazy decorator in that, I don’t really have time to switch things all the time… Maybe it’s because I have project ADD, 3 kids or a cat that is apparently growling in his nap at the foot of my bed. Anyhoo, enough chatter- I want to show you how this whole thing works so maybe you can try something similar if you feel so inclined.
DIY Twig Tree, faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-5


For this project you will need:

  • some twigs {we collected ours before the snow fell}
  • A piece of plywood measuring 18″x16″
  • 1″x 1/2″ wood trim
  • white paint
  • black paint
  • hot glue, and a gun
  • 8 finishing nails

I made this tree using scrap wood, so that determined my size. You could go with any size for this project, and simply adjust your materials accordingly.

Step 1

Paint your plywood. I only needed one coat.

DIY Twig Tree, with faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-1

Step 2

Once your paint is dry to the touch find the centre of your board {measured vertically}. I split the difference, started my first “plank” in the centre and worked my way down the board marking lines 4″ apart. Once you have found the correct spacing, trace the lines using a pencil and a straight edge. Festive pencils are preferred and recommended.

DIY Twig Tree, with faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-2

DIY Twig Tree, with faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-3

Step 3

Now you need to find the centre horizontally. Lay out your sticks and snap them to length until you are happy with the shape of your tree. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. It’s important to lay them out before gluing them in place.

DIY Twig Tree, with faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-4

Step 4

It’s time to glue! Fire up the glue gun and get busy. I simply lifted, added glue onto the stick and put it back in place.

DIY Twig Tree, with faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-6

Step 5

Mark, measure, and cut your trim. { I used scrap pieces, which is the reason for the random below}

DIY Twig Tree, with faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-5Step 6

Paint that trim black. And then wait for your paint to dry which is possibly the most time consuming part of this project.

DIY Twig Tree, with faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-7Step 7

Attach the trim to the plywood. I used 1″ finishing nails. I slightly overhung the trim around the back edge so I could hang it that way, but you can also use a little monster tooth picture hanging hook. {not the official name}

DIY Twig Tree, faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-1
Hang it up and admire your handy work 😉

DIY Twig Tree, faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-6DIY Twig Tree, faux shiplap| This Mamas Dance-3You can find the gold joy to the world art available as a free printable here. The red to us a child is born print is from She Reads Truth. It came with the beautiful Advent Study  I was gifted by a sweet friend. Yay for beautiful, God loving, muck trudging friends.

photo from shereadstruth.com

twig tree banner

Are you all decorated for Christmas? I am slowly adding little touches here and there.

-Miss Ash

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