If you are anything like me, it’s all about the reveal… I mean sure, it’s nice to know how ugly something was so I can be really bedazzled by your mad skills… but, ultimately I really enjoy 1000 shots of the afters, with close up vignettes of all the cute things.Furniture and cabinetry is the one thing I appreciate a good before shot on… it inspires me to see a vision for something that otherwise may be stuck in the 80’s. All of this to say, I have some before shots of our hideous bathroom. But, I’m not going to go too crazy. I previously mentioned my plans for said room…

As promised, here are the photos of our sad little bathroom… There are just all kinds of things going on here… none of which are really working. Without disecting every part, let’s agree that it is ugly. Hence #operationhideousbathroom

You may recognize the previously mentioned hashtag if you follow me on instagram… and perhaps have been a part of what I shall dub “exclusive content” on my facebook page {toot toot! pluggin it in} I haven’t been posting anything on twitter re #operationhideousbathroom becaue my husband is not in the loop {insert surprise!!! here} and he is on twitter. At this point I have completed the grey and the white ceiling paint. I have also primed the trim. I did end up starting the painting of the hallway ceiling and the living room border… but am yet to complete those yet. That was a complete tangent.

excuse the grainy pic…

Additionally, if you follow me via my aforementioned alternate oppurtunities to over share about my life- then you will know that I have palettes in my possession! Here I shall pour copious amounts of praise out to my brother, Max Morris {stage name} Thanks bro for hooking me up with my loot! I really did feel like a bandit for some reason… or like that lady in the Ikea commercial who is speed walking out of the doors mumbling “get the car!”

Anyways, they sat in my van for a few days while I was busy with life. And then I decided to start pulling them apart. And I was frustrated after about 1 minute. The boards were not budging… and what felt like 30 minutes later I had like 1 board off. That was really not going to cut it. So then, I decided to carry out my back up plan {whilst wondering how all of those other DIY blog people had had the patience to prepare said wood} and brought out the recip. Dubbed so by Matt and my bro-in-law Zach when they were framing the addition. I think its called a skill saw/reciprocating saw- all I know is that name isn’t that important, what is important is that when it is outfitted with a “metal” blade it cuts through nails like butta. YAY! So, that made things muuuuch smoother.

And so people, I dissassemled one side of a pallette {my husband is away and I have children to care for} washed them, and then painted them today. And then I disassembled another 3 sides of palettes {1.5} so I have lots of wood to wash and paint! In my zeal, and fear, I started nailing boards to the wall…

Why you ask? Well… the last few days I have been asking mysef why do I do this? Why do I get excited about disassembling old palettes {this thought was spurred by what my neighbours must be thinking about their crazy neighbour girl who has a stack of palettes coming out of the back of her mini-van and is prying them apart with a crow bar in her driveway… while it’s -10.} painting them and sticking them on a wall… will it look totally awful. Am I filling my house with garbage? I mean, I really was questioning the whole plan… and I started to think, waaaay too much work for the boys new room.

But then, all of those little tiny thoughts were squelched in an instant. The moment I brushed my first swipe of white paint onto my scrappy wood… and then I whipped out some leftover of what may be my most favorite color {Marina Isle by Behr} and slapped that on a piece of wood… and then I brought out some espresso stain and it was all uphill. And suddenly I wanted to use scrappy wood for a zillion things {still do} and for the first time in decorating and design, I found an element that really expresses me. IT’s true, my scrappy wood wall was an aha moment. I really do love it guys! And it’s hardly even an it!

So that is where I am with the aesthetics of it all… but what about the “plan” here it is {child scribbles and all}:

My plan includes moving the toilet under the window, putting the sink where the toilet is, and changing the swing of the door. All things that require the help of Matt. Yay!

This is my initial vanity/storage plan… which I am sure will be modified as Matt and I start brainstorming and building. The stripes are already out of the picture… but I am tempted to cover the little nook behind the mirror in wood… thoughts?

It’s all cray cray, and I am hoping it doesn’t take too much more time before we have a lovely, functional, budget friendly bathroom! Happy DIY ya’ll 😉

-Miss Ash




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