On my home page you will notice a drop down on my “About”  tab called “RTV.” This is the gist of what you will find there:

“In 2008 I co-founded (with 4 others) Raise Their Voice Against Injustice Red Deer. We came together because we share a common heart for the oppressed and vulnerable of this world. I am so blessed to be a part of RTV not only as a founding member, but also as the co-ordinator for events and PR.

We as a society exist to creatively and effectiviely address issues of injustice. 

We do this by telling stories of redemption be they real or imagined. We offer our artistic and creative efforts through film, print, web, theater, music, dance, and unique events which create space for others to be inspired and equipped to use the gifts they’ve been given. Find out more about us and our work surrounding human traffickinggender based injustice and displaced peoples at www.raisetheirvoice.com and learn a little bit about the things that tug at my heart strings, and move me to be broken, inspired and hopeful. Together we stand to raise voice in one collective shout!”

RTV has looked like many different things through the  years- setting up information booths, publishing prayer books, hosting events focused on creativity, prayer, and social justice issues. In 2011 we partnered with the theatre company  Burnt Thicket to produce “She Has a Name” a play focusing on the very real stories related to Human Trafficking. In 2012 we were able to send the play on a cross Canada tour.

We are now into a new stage of the story, as Unveil Studios takes on the project of adapting the play into a full length screen play, and now gets into the work of pre-production. My husband Matt owns Unveil with his 2 brothers, Andrew and Dan. They have spent the last few weeks in Thailand and Cambodia working on backstory and location scouting for the film. This is one of those moments when I realize we are not neat and tidy, straight forward people. 😉 In reference to a few of my last posts, we aren’t mechanics, housewives, teachers or lawyers. I know few of us can so simply be defined by a single title or role, and I am realizing for Matt and I, we may never be. Our life’s actions speak louder than our titles, and I am thankful to be linked hand and hand with a man that pursues the beating of his heart knowing full well he does not have all the answers about how to do that. Sometimes you have to leap!

I wanted to share a few short updates of their time as they work to bring this story to life! You can find more details on their website, as they have a running blog of the trip with more updates to come 🙂 A dear friend and a pivotal part of this film project is a beautiful lady you will meet in the first clip named Shari. So thankful for her work on this project!

This project along with our house renovation, opening a film and sound studio in downtown Red Deer, and welcoming a new baby (do you like how I just dropped that right there?) are just the beginning of what is in store for us in 2014!

-Miss Ash

Launching into the Location Scout from Unveil Studios on Vimeo.

Exploring 18’s Backstory in Cambodia from Unveil Studios on Vimeo.

Unveil Studios At Angkor Wat from Unveil Studios on Vimeo.

The Road to Phnom Penh from Unveil Studios on Vimeo.


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