I was chatting with my MIL the other evening over tea… I am just so thankful for her. I have known her, well, my whole life, and she is a woman that exudes such empathy, wisdom, passion for Christ and a great listening ear. I really am blessed with the greatest in-laws. When I was little, and really upset about something… I would wish that I could go live with the Koomans. They were our god-parents growing up, and would-be guardians if anything were to happen to my parents. Little did I know I would one day marry their third son, Matthew. It is never lost on me that his name means {gift from God} for that truly is what he is in my life.

Marg (my MIL) has a way to encourage and affirm you, while drawing your heart to seek Christ in every situation. She has always been so eager to pray, and has succeeded in raising 4 Godly men. Oh how I hope that rubs off on me 😉 One of the biggest things I see in her is faithfulness and truth. She is faithful to her role as a mom, a grandma, a wife… and all of the many other hats she wears. She also speaks the truth, and doesn’t shy away from it.

Many days as we are talking, I realize I am blabbering about something, and realizing something about myself or my life that I had never realized before. I always end up feeling really blessed by what I have. Marg has often shared that as a young woman she asked God “what should I be doing with my life” and He seemed to answer with another baby in her womb 😉 She is a woman that has been faithful to the call of being a mom and I admire her. It is often daunting to realize the responsibility of raising children, especially when there is so much information swirling around us, influencing us in ways we don’t even realize. Her greatest piece of advice? Pray. I need to remember that.

So, back to our talk the other night. I was kind of sharing how sometimes I wonder if people think we are crazy… or just, what they must think. And she replied with “It doesn’t matter.” Now I don’t really make decisions based on what others think about me… but, sometimes when you are the type of person that shares openly about your life, your heart, your struggles and joys… and crazy attempts to build and try new things… you start to feel, well… different. I am an introvert at heart, but I can’t describe what draws me to pour my heart out on this blog. Or with complete strangers when I feel the Spirit so move me… and I am filled with a deep conviction yet beet red cheeks and a racing heart. Putting yourself on the line is… well vulnerable.

The thing I often don’t think of is that, it isn’t just for me. I think there are times when God calls me to write something in these pages that is for you, or someone. To be encouraged, inspired, loved. Marg reminded me that there is purpose in truth. She has inspired and encouraged me more than I can say! From letting me be a part of making over her bed room (my love language!) to watching my boys, providing warm food, or arms to weep into. She has been a part of the greatest highs and the lowest lows in my life. What a gift to me to have a woman like this in my life.

Be Blessed today.

-Miss Ash

6 thoughts on “The Why.”

  1. hi Mizz Ash

    such a blessing to read about your MIL, a wonderful woman of God…

    oh, many writers are introverts just like you 🙂

    I luv you always!

  2. Thanks for being vulnerable:) it’s a beautiful thing. You inspire so many, and I think most people think that about your family. I’ve wondered that too though…like what do people see when they look at our lives…? But I see you guys as a family that is strong and sensitive and always beautiful!

  3. I am tearing up reading this. She is such a special woman. I love her too. And you! What wosdom we gain from these women and it makes me wish i had known their mother more. Grandma D was the closest thing i had to a grandmother and she left an imprint on me. Her faith was so strong and also as a mother she faced many things.

    And I pray – for wholeness. You know 🙂
    Love you dear Sister, cousin, friend.

    1. I’m thankful for God’s grace, and I know he hears our prayers. He fills the gaps when we don’t have the answers.
      Love you too Ash.

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