thrifted lockers
I was so excited when Matt sent me a text from a college sale saying:

“Do you want?” With a photo of 4 blue lockers attached.

To which I replied: “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!”

lockers before

That crazy man actually scored two sets of 4 lockers, to which I squealed like the little girl that I am. I’ve been dreaming of lockers for our boys, but they seemed like the kind of thing that would be hard to come by without some sort of “connection”. They sat on our deck most of the winter covered with a tarp… but as soon as we could they were on the lawn ready for some spray paint. I went with white, and I love how they turned out. Timeless, bright, and the perfect storage solution for our boys room. Well, at least they will be perfect when I retrofit them with a few shelves. 😉lockers taped

I wiped them with a wet rag, then taped off the number plates. I wasn’t too concerned about doing a perfect paint job… They took 2 coats each. This is what they looked like after a single coat:

lockers spray paint

I’ve done a fair amount of spray painting, but I had something happen to me that I had never experienced. I got through with one set of lockers- 2 coats. But when I went to paint the second set the paint started to crackle and lift. I had assumed it was because it had been longer then an hour but not yet 24- so the paint was in an awkward in between phase. So I gave them plenty of time to dry, and the paint still bubbled. I am not sure if this has to do with the spray paint, or perhaps there being some type of residue on the lockers themselves… anyone else ever experienced spray paint bubbling and crackling?spray painted lockers 1

Thankfully it is pretty subtle! The boys are excited and each want a locker with a lock to keep special things out of reach. 😉 Oh boys.white lockers, pine wallI look forward to adding to this space, and getting some toys put away in the boys lockers.  Happy Tuesday!

-Miss Ash

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