Hellllloooooo. How are you?! I am well, despite needing a day at a mini-spa. Alas, tea and a good book might have to do it. 😉 I was able to snap some photos of our Christmas mantel. It’s sweet and simple. My oh my, I am enjoying it. I had some mini-lights up there mixed in with the greenery, but once I started going through all of my lights, I realized that the cat had ruined the majority of our strands in years past. Would you believe I have 3 functional strands of lights?! What in the world. Anyhoo, I had to comandeer the lights off the mantel for the tree… which I will be sharing tomorrow with a bit of a Christmas Tour.

Lake House, Christmas Living Room-3

I did end up painting the shutter and I love it! The color is MMS Shutter Grey. Very appropriate I think.

Christmas Mantel-1
Things came together bit by bit..Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-5Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-6Decorating with Fresh Greens| This Mamas dance-7Farmhouse Christmas Mantel-1

I also added some additional greenery and pine cones to the wreath to beef him up a bit. I kind of like it’s wild, unkempt not too perfect self… and of course I love the off kilter, fluffy, Anthropologie inspired pom poms. I used this tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed. They were so fun to do. They ended up being much bigger than anticipated. I think I would like to try making smaller ones and doing a little garland!

Fresh Wreath, yarn Pom Poms-1

Just for fun here is last years mantel. This is the “it’s Christmas and we just moved in on Christmas Eve!” mantel. Minimalist much?
fireplace 2

I had to rearrange things this year a bit to make room for the tree. I think I am quite happy with how it worked out. It’s funny that I have so much blue in the house lately… it was always my favorite color growing up, but I try to not favor it… or so I think. Until I realize that I have a pale blue dining room, and a whole lot of blue happening in the living room!

Christmas Mantel, Greens, Blue and White-1

Tonight I set up a bed for our boys to camp in the living room under the twinkling lights of the Christmas Tree. They are up a little late giggling to Tom and Jerry. Childhood is so precious. I am reminded that they are still so small… and I want to savour these years with them. Oh the sweetness.

Tomorrow night I will be busy sewing up Christmas Pj’s, because I have 2 little boys that look forward to that tradition each year, and one little girl who will be a part of it for the first time. Oh my mama heart.

Be Blessed!

-Miss Ash

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