Christmas has arrived in the Kooman House! I guess that means it’s time to make peanut butter balls. Oh, and shortbread… I love a good shortbread cookie. What are some of your favorite Christmas treats? When I was growing up, my grandma would always mail us a box of Christmas baking from Montana. One of our most looked forward to treats were peanut clusters made with 3 different kinds of chocolate. The cookies would often get a little broken, but it was such a special treat. I think that is part of why I enjoy Christmas baking so much. I think one of the best things about this year is that I will get to see my entire family- everyone is going to be in Canada over the holidays which is pretty rare considering there are over 20 of us! Oh the fun that will be had.

With my sister and her husband arriving later this week, I wanted to get things tidied up and ready for relaxing. I’ve already watched White Christmas with my boys, but that doesn’t mean it may not make another appearance. And! I got Sound of Music a few weeks ago… definitely one of my favorite movies of all time!
Lake House, Christmas Living Room-1

Speaking of movies. Somehow my sister and I always seem to watch the worlds worst movies when she comes to visit… honestly it’s like some odd, accidental tradition. Lake House, Christmas Living Room-2Lake House, Christmas Living Room-5

I love the idea of sharing just a room or 2, so today I am sharing a Christmas Tour of our Living Room. We have another small faux tree set up in our loft that the boys got from their uncle, and a few bits of greenery and natural Christmas decor in the Kitchen and dining room. Over all, it is definitely not a Christmas explosion!

Lake House, Christmas Living Room-4Blue, White and Green Christmas Living Room-1We decided to plant our tree in the corner, and I love it’s glowing light by the window. We more or less let the boys do most of the decorating on the tree this year…by we I mean me, because Matt was unpacking from Thailand. I put up our scrappy fabric from years past, and they dressed it with ornaments. Once Fin woke up from her nap she was busy taking ornaments off, and then passing them to me or the boys. Thankfully she has left them alone the last 2 days. She LOVES the “dights!” it is too too cute.

Oak stairs, white riser-1Blue, White and Green Christmas Living Room-3I don’t have a skirt of any kind to cover the tree stand. Every year I switch it up using table cloths, a blanket… this year I laid out 2 inexpensive rugs from Ikea.Blue, White and Green Christmas Living Room-2We have had a ton of snow the last week, and it truly is breath taking. I am feeling tired but content, and ready for some good family time. I started an advent book with the boys, and we have totally fallen off the map with that. Instead of feeling busy or guilty for falling behing, I just pick it up and read on the days I remember. No pressure! There aren’t any presents under the tree yet, and this year will be pretty low key in the way of gifts. Tomorrow I am hoping to do my first and last day of shopping… I am NOT a shopper, so I am hoping to be quick! I would much rather spend time with those I love. We truly have so much!

I am praying for you, wherever you find yourself, that you would experience God’s love this Christmas. That He would bring meaningful fellowship and Peace to you over the holidays. Don’t worry about the decorations, the dinner or the gifts… rest in the peace of the Creator, and the greatest gift of his Son.

-Miss Ash

P.S. To take a look at this room one year ago when we moved in, click here.

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