If you are new here from the ORC, welcome! My name is Ashlea. I like to thrift, paint, build, write, and share the process with my lovely readers. Our home is a mix of coastal meets cottage with a dash of farmhouse sprinkled in. Beware, I plank everything. My husband and I have embarked on a journey of adding an 1100sf addition onto our lakeside cottage- and have DIY’d the whole thing. From foundation to finishing, we have had a hand in it all… Join us, as we create a meaningful home! You can see more of our house here.

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If you are looking for a TON of inspiration, follow along with all the other ORC Guest Participants here.

Six weeks sounds like a lot of time. But, in actuality, it’s starting to feel short. AH! I feel like I still have quite a bit to do before this space is finished. This has more or less been a “nap time” project for me, but I am hoping I can have a few hours to work on it when Matt is home, whenever that will be! Did I mention he is in post production for a feature film, with a major festival deadline coming up this week? Yeah… that means me and my coffee cup have been flying solo!

Let’s focus not on what I haven’t done, but what I have. This week I started the behemoth task of whitewashing the walls. Let me just explain to you that this room is 14×20 feet. The shortest wall height is 7 feet, all the way up to 14 feet at the peak of the dormer.

And we all said “God Bless you.”

White Washing Pine Walls |This Mamas Dance-3

I used my trusty, inexpensive, white washing technique, and I really do love it. It feels so much brighter. (You can find a full tutorial here) or watch this short video:

White Washing Pine Walls |This Mamas Dance-2

Here is a side by side of unfinished pine vs. white washed:

White Washing Pine Walls |This Mamas Dance-5

Such a difference isn’t it?

I am also working on cutting shelves for the lockers….

Dark Grey Plank Wall, White Farmhouse Trim This Mamas Dance-5

Lockers, Kids Room | This Mamas Dance-1

Lockers, Kids Room | This Mamas Dance-2

Are you seeing a theme? One or two things on the hooks, a pile of things on the bottom with a whole lotta space in between! Wish me luck- because I have never really drilled holes in metal. I plan on using metal adjustable shelf plugs, paired with wooden shelve.

I have also started on some of the “art” and decor items for the space, here is a little sneak peak…

DIY Wood Sign, Antiquing wax as stain|This Mamas Dance-1

It’s my first time using antiquing wax as a “stain” and it is really beautiful you guys! This will act as a base- but I was wondering what else I could “stain”…. hmm. I’ll be sharing a tutorial in case you would like to create a custom sign of your own.

Cottage Bunk Room Style Board

When I look at this style board I find renewed energy to press on to the finish line. Thanks for your comments and encouragement! I guess there is a reason this whole thing is called a challenge 😉

-Miss Ash

Follow this room from start to finish by clicking on the image below: one room challenge

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6 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 4: White Wash, White Wash”

  1. Great video!
    a fantastic idea putting shelves in the lockers, looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  2. How cute! I did a “camping” themed playroom last year for the ORC , so this is right up my alley! I’m loving your walls and those fun lockers. Can’t wait to see the end results!

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