If you are new here from the ORC, welcome! My name is Ashlea. I like to thrift, paint, build, write, and share the process with my lovely readers. Our home is a mix of coastal meets cottage with a dash of farmhouse sprinkled in. Beware, I plank everything! My husband and I have embarked on a journey of adding an 1100sf addition onto our lakeside cottage- and have DIY’d the whole thing. From foundation to finishing, we have had a hand in it all… Join us, as we create a meaningful home! You can see more of our house here.

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In a perfect world, filled with order and plans- the Boys Bunk Room should be moving right along. In reality, very little happened in there this week. In fact, I have painted a few strokes on the “Cabins” sign and today I managed to finally work up the will to move their 10,000 pound bunk bed away from the walls, so I can get to finishing the rest of the white wash!

I joined the One Room Challenge on a whim- along with a couple hundred other bloggers and designers, who are all working on a room of their choice over a period of six weeks. You can follow along with their progress over at “Calling it Home

Guys, I totally gave up two days ago, but today I got a second wind. In all honesty I though I was going to have some more time to devote to this project. You never know though, I might just totally impress and surprise you next week!

DIY Bunk beds, White Walls |This Mamas Dance-1

I had to remove the ladder and she-man drag/ push the bed away from the wall. We built these bunk beds using scrap framing lumber, so the only cost incurred was purchasing bolts, which is awesome. They are REALLY heavy though. I am motivated to get everything that is an exterior wall DONE. However, I have to be honest, the roof line and attic walls will probably have to wait.

DIY Bunk beds, White Walls |This Mamas Dance-3

We have the trim on site for all of the edges and corners, it is just a matter of Matt and I having an opportunity to work on it, as it really is a 2 person job.

Whether this room gets “finished” or not, I am thoroughly enjoying the process. My creative juices are flowing, and one little idea leads to the next. Once the walls are finished I will be hanging a shelf for each of the boys to keep special items close at hand. The lumber is cut and the brackets are in my possession! I have enjoyed collecting little accessories, and it will be so much fun to stage and put this space together. I know it will be covered in lego shortly after the photos are taken, but that is fine by me!

I have some new (to me) drapery panels to hang. The ones that are currently hanging are from another room, but they are most definitely too short… To be honest, I don’t really care too much, but I am sure the window will appreciate it 😉

DIY Bunk beds, White Walls |This Mamas Dance-4

As a reminder- the wall got stained a dark grey during Week Two. I also shared this adorable pine dresser that will be used for my youngest son’s clothes.

Rustic Pine Dresser | This Mamas Dance-1


Week Three had me doing a little shopping, and I managed to build this book shelf using scrap wood.

Reading Corner, Desk, Bookshelf, Planked Walls| Mamas Dance-9

Last week, Week Four, I started white washing the walls, and working on some DIY art work.

White Washing Pine Walls |This Mamas Dance-2

Here is the inspiration for the room:

Cottage Bunk Room Style Board

I actually did try to get that whale printed, but had some issues with sizing it properly, so I need to spend some time figuring that out!

Life is pretty crazy right now, so I am cutting myself some slack and allowing a few things to slide. This week, the boys bedroom was one of those things. The good news is, we have survived the first 2 weeks of baseball, ( my kids love it… “I survived” would be more accurate) spring has sprung, and I spent a good 45 minutes painting this afternoon. What more could a girl ask for?

There are some horrible wild fires in our province right now, and my heart goes out to those that are displaced. It is a heart wrenching situation, and prayer for rain is much appreciated. I am always amazed at the pouring out of generosity when these times of crisis strike. We have had floods, fire and more fires the last several Springs here in Alberta, and it has been quite devastating. Yet year after year, the citizens of this province pull together and rebuild.

Hug those you love a little tighter this Thursday evening.

-Miss Ash

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  1. The room looks great! Keep up the good work…..even chipping away a little at a time accomplishes a lot!

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