Last week, I decided to be a little adventurous and give my thrifted marble top side table a few brushes of MMS milk paint in Ironstone. It was my first time working without the bonding agent, and I love the effect that it created.

Marble topped side table, MMS Ironstone | This Mamas Dance-4

Can’t Stop, Wont’s Stop DIY’er Tip of the Day: Small things like a side table, lamp, or stool are great for experimenting with- they are quick to take on (which is a win for all the mamas out there with little people running around!) and a small investment in supplies, clean up and effort. (apartment dwellers anyone?)

I took a before photo some where a million years ago of this $15 side table I found at a thrift store last fall, but I lost it, so here is a photo from when I steam cleaned my free chairs. You can see it in all of it’s orange wood glory…

wing back chairs-1

One day my son decided to be a monkey, as he does most days, and put one arm on the table and one on the arm of the chair, he lifted his legs and…broke the top off. Awesome.

Never fear though, I was able to reinforce it with a small wood block and some glue. Good as new! I probably should have done 2 coats of the wood disk on the underside, but I got lazy. No one really ever sees it though, unless it is from this angle- it will be our little secret.

Marble topped side table, MMS Ironstone | This Mamas Dance-5

Marble topped side table, MMS Ironstone | This Mamas Dance-3

It was tricky to get a decent shot with the backlight from the window, so I grabbed this shot as well. How do you like the coffee sack “art” we made for The Space? I’ll share details of how we did it if ya’ll are interested- and give you a full view of it once it’s hanging by the coffee bar at Matt’s studio. Remember how I have been saying I need to do a tour of his studio for the last year? Yeah… me too… oopsy.


Marble topped side table, MMS Ironstone | This Mamas Dance-1

I lightly sanded the base of the table, then painted on 2 coats of MMS Ironstone. It had some lovely chipping and flaking, but not too much, which I revealed by lightly sanding after painting. I sealed the piece with clear furniture wax.

Marble topped side table, MMS Ironstone | This Mamas Dance-2

This is a pretty simple little transformation but it fit’s much better in the living room now. There are only about 50 different wood tones in there, so I think I am happy to say so long to the orange. I am slowly catching the swing of milk paint. Have you tried it?

-Miss Ash


4 thoughts on “Light and Bright Marble Pedestal Table in MMS Ironstone”

  1. Looks great! I was just scrolling thru the pictures first before reading anything and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the coffee bag. I have several that need to be hung. Was so happy when I read your post and you mentioned it. I’m eager to see how you did it!
    Love your home, love your blog….I just recently found you.

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