Christmas saw me re-arrange the living room to accommodate the tree, and I have pretty much left things the same way. It must be some type of record, because I haven’t re-arranged in a while! When I grabbed photos of the painted pedestal side table I also grabbed a few of the room. I decided to pull the wing back chairs away from the window, since it always seemed to be happening anyways, and they are much happier sitting on the rug.

Blue Tufted Wingback Chairs, Coastal Living Room | This Mamas Dance-9

In case you are wondering, I still love our jute rug from IKEA. 😉 That sweet little can that the hydrangeas are sitting in is also from IKEA. I never plant my indoor plants, because, who does that? Maybe that’s why they all eventually die.

White Hydrangea, Spring Living Room | This Mamas Dance-1

Blue Tufted Wingback Chairs, Coastal Living Room | This Mamas Dance-8

When I was looking through these photos I decided I’d like to find a seasonal alternative to the snow shoes for the warmer months of the year… so I am on the look out for something lovely. One day, some day, I would love to invest in a piece from House of Belonging. Here are a few of my favorites… our friend’s song lyrics (which is one of my favorites of all time) and a verse from Romans.

There are so many beautiful ones to choose from! Can you picture it in the space where those shoes are?

Blue Tufted Wingback Chairs, Coastal Living Room | This Mamas Dance-10

I adore the light this room get’s all afternoon and evening, it’s one of my favorite things about our house.

I am slowly making sense of the shelves beside the fireplace. Several weeks ago we spotted this old typewriter and brought it home- the boys LOVE it, and to be honest, I love typing away on it too.

Black Remington Typewriter | This Mamas Dance-5Black Remington Typewriter | This Mamas Dance-6

Blue Tufted Wingback Chairs, Coastal Living Room | This Mamas Dance-11

This week is a busy one for me, so it felt good to get the living room cleaned and the laundry put away. I also have a few chairs I’ve been working on that are almost ready for their close up. You might remember me sharing these a while ago…

thrifted french chair-1

I am hoping to get them finished and photographed over the weekend. Let’s just say they will be a lot less… red.

-Miss Ash


2 thoughts on “Cleaning in the Living Room”

  1. Hi! I love the look of your room!!! I was wondering if you have any info on the grey ((wingback??) Chairs you have? I found 2 exactly like them at a thrift store ((xcept mine are a terrible faded peach ccolor-uck!) Im just curious to know if they have a particular name due to the half wooden arm rests, what time frame they may be from, etc??
    Thank you!!

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