Farmhouse Kitchen feature on Country Living | This Mamas DanceGood morning sweet friends. Oh my goodness ya’ll (that’s the Texan coming out in me) baby elf might have graduated to Santa’s workshop. Ok not really- but it’s pretty much the next best thing. When we see “my farmhouse kitchen” and “Country Living” in the same hemisphere we get excited.

If you have read here for a long time then you might remember the kitchen that we reno’d on a teeny tiny budget in our first house all those years ago. So much red. So much teal. Memory lane is fun. You can read all about it here

Farmhouse Kitchen feature on Country Living | This Mamas Dance


Farmhouse Kitchen feature on Country Living | This Mamas DanceYou might also remember these lemons, the thrifted coffee grinder, and this disclaimer: “This is where I warn you that I thoroughly enjoyed pretending I was staging my kitchen for a Country Living shoot… and may have gotten a titch carried away.”

Isn’t that what every girl pretends when she’s taking pictures of her house to share with the 12 people that read her blog?

That was the white kitchen of my country dreams on a shoe string budget complete with butcher block counters and a beadboard backsplash. Sure I reused the hardware and kept all of the existing appliances, but it made me so happy with it’s under cabinet lighting and lack of army green and white linoleum!

This post really isn’t about that kitchen- but it is about my love of Country Living Magazine- I’ve got the stacks of mags to prove it. Anyways- I have to laugh because if you would have told me that one day I would have our home shared by CL I wouldn’t have believed it- but my friends that day has come and I think we should all have a little extra creamo in our coffee to celebrate.

Farmhouse Kitchen feature on Country Living | This Mamas Dance

As the visually astute may suggest- yes there are mismatch handles and no kick and yada yada yada. But my sweet friends- our farmhouse kitchen complete with old grain bins, a pull out cutting board and upper cabinets covered in $17 worth of paint found themselves hanging out on Country Living’s Website.  You can see the whole makeover here, and yep- 2.5 years later the cabinets are holding up just great.

Pinch me, laugh with me, believe that dreams really do come true- sometimes, when you least expect it, they might even fall on your lap…. top.

-Miss Ash

2 thoughts on “I’m Geeking out over Country Living and Our Farmhouse Kitchen”

  1. You have hit the big times!!!!!! Yahoo!!!
    (You are a Texan?)
    Congratulations on the new teeny tiny baby God is sending to you.
    Cheering you on,
    Kim from Texas

    1. You are so sweet Kim! Thank you for your baby congrats and cheering me on. I am not Texan- but did live there during highschool- so every now and again I get a “ya’ll guys” in there.

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