The Day has come. Yes, it is time for our kitchen reveal… the complete, full meal deal, makeover pictures! It feels like I have been saying “coming soon” for months… so it is a bit of a hoorah day to be hitting publish on this! If you want to take a peak at part 1 and part 2, just take a click through those links.

For a quick reminder, here is what our kitchen looked like before.

And here is our kitchen now:

And this is where I warn you that I thouroughly enjoyed pretending I was staging my kitchen for a Country Living shoot… and may have gotten a titch carried away.

We kept our original fridge and stove, but did end up having to replace our dishwasher about 2 weeks after we completed the bulk of the reno. So now we have a shiny stainless one…

What Country Living shoot isn’t complete with some freshly sliced lemons and an antique coffee grinder?

I can’t believe how much the white opens everything up! It especially makes this window feel much larger…

Don’t mind the arrows… but see what I mean? We put in a smaller sink as well which gave us 4 more inches of precious counter space to work with…

In a 10X9ft kitchen we can use all the space we can muster. I still managed to keep “2” basins with a sink and a half…

I love our little glass cabinet on the left. We put in an overhead cabinet light in addition to the under cabinet lights along the counter top, which brings so much warmth.

We repurposed the hard ware from the old cabinets, which I think worked great! I was able to find 2 handles in the same finish at Habitat to use on pulls for the drawer above, and another slide out unit to the right of the stove.

I hope you enjoyed our kitchen tour! I have to thank my hubby for giving us the go ahead to make the change. We shared many late nights after the boys were in bed building cabinets, cutting butcher block (in the dark by the light of the moon {and a lamp}) and painting… and gluing, and painting some more bead board for our sweet little backsplash. It all came together, and it’s even better because we did it ourselves and shared some great laughs along the way.

Keep your eyes out for some of my fave parts of our kitchen, like drawers that open! {and close really softly} I’ll also be posting a few update shots of our basement later this week! I pinky promise, because I have already taken the pics!

Hope it was all I cracked it up to be… I know I sure am loving it. It’s a little piece of my dream space for cooking yummy meals for my family, and it makes washing sippy cups filled with rotten milk just a little more romantic.

-Miss Ash

12 thoughts on “Our Kitchen Makeover! The final edition.”

  1. So wonderful! I love it and it looks great 🙂 can’t wait to see it in person, we really need to make that happen!!!

    1. Yes we do! We need to come out for a visit as well- looks like things will be warming up. It would be fun to come out for a little road trip with the boys 🙂

  2. Wow, what a beautiful space! Such charming details. Love the pops of color against the white & the countertops; it looks so bright & cozy!

  3. I LOVE it! I love how fresh and clean white looks against the lines of woodgrain! You guys worked so hard, and now I bet you love walking into that kitchen for morning coffee:)

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