I am SO excited for our new bathroom! Not only will we have a tub for the first time in over 2 years, but we will also have more then one toilet in our house! Not to mention, this will be the first time we have ever had an en suite off our bedroom. I feel utterly spoiled. AHH!

There was one thing I really wanted to include in our house. It has 4 little feet… and its not an animal 😉 I’m talking about a claw foot tub. Once we went through our layout options though, it was either nix the coffee bar and beverage station in the living room and build a separate shower, or have a claw foot with a curtain and so on and so forth. We had such a set up in a house we rented in new zealand, and honestly the water ended up everywhere! So, it just wasn’t practical for us. There are so many beautiful stand alone tubs though… just lovely!

So, instead of a claw foot, we decided to put in a tub that is extra long and extra wide. Easy for bathing multiple kids, or having a comfortable soak. The day our tub showed up was pretty exciting! We decided to do a white subway tile in a brick pattern. Matt suggested a grey grout last year (so on trend that guy!) and so, I conceded. I really like the look and I am excited to actually be putting up tile after thinking about this space for so long.


We opted not to put in a double vanity… Things like stand alone $hower$ and double vanitie$ just increase the bottom line… more plumbing more supplies. So, we chose an extra wide single vanity. We debated over some custom cabinetry, but when Matt was working on the rough ins for the bathroom he came across a ready to go piece with a marble top and sink. So, between a super sale and a few gift cards, it was too hard to pass up! It also offers great storage. 🙂


bath 2

bath 4

It’s been a long process to get the bathroom to this point, mostly because we have been working on so many other parts of the house… but we are so close to the finish line! I’ll spare you from a zillion progress shots… Instead I thought I would share a source/inspiration board with you. I have not completely decided on our ceiling fixture… but everything else is pretty much what have chosen. We also ordered our tub from homedepot.ca (not listed)


  1. Vanity Light- costco.ca
  2. Vanity- rona.ca
  3. White Subway Tile- homedepot.ca
  4. Pendant Light- ikea.ca
  5. Octagon and Dot Tile- carpetcolourcentrereddeer.com
  6. Asheville Faucet- homedepot.ca

I still need to order a faucet for the vanity… I am eyeing some lovely options on overstock, but am trying to find something more local-ish. We will be building some storage into the bathroom as well. We have some exciting cabinetry ideas going on and I can’t wait until we are finished with the big jobs, so we can focus on some of these little fun projects that will bring so much more function to our home. They also feel a little more fun… because how many people need a DIY on “how to frame your house” “how to run electrical” “how to run water lines” “how to run pvc drains” “how to rough in central vac” You get the idea. These things are all necessary steps, but they definitely aren’t as pretty… Are you working on any projects in your home? Have you ever updated a bathroom? I am excited to be back with more progress on this space!

-Miss Ash

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