When I last shared some progress shots of the bathroom, things were hardly looking bathroom-ish. We installed some  wall board, drywall and pine tongue and groove, which essentially left the room prepped! Things have changed just a bit since then 🙂


It is starting to look like a bathroom! I am always nervous to see how everything will come together, but so far I am loving our choices. Please excuse the less then awesome cell phone pictures… one day I will get everything photographed in all it’s glory for the final reveal. Remember how I like to pretend my makeovers will be featured in the next issue of Country Living? 😉 Where are the wood boxes and flower arrangements?!


Everything you see is pretty much right in line with the source board I shared last week. The one piece we are missing is our vanity. I opened that sucker up, only to find the paint peeling off all of the doors! I called Rona, and they brought out a replacement. It does have a warranty, so I am praying it was a one time thing…

image (10)

Initially I has planned to paint the pine white… but after putting it up, I liked the texture of the wood grain. I didn’t like the yellowness of it, especially once the walls were painted in BM Ocean air, so I decided to go for a bit of a white washed look, and used a Gel Stain from OLD MASTERS, in “pickling white.”

image (9)

It’s what I like to call a “wax on, wax off” application, meaning, you brush or wipe on the stain, let it soak into the surface a bit, and then wipe off the excess. Gel stain is great in this application, because I was putting it up on a ceiling (liquid would have been a mess) so it is a bit easier to manage. It is also not a deeply penetrating stain… so if when I did a test it turned out I hated it, it would be possible to remove without too much elbow grease.

image (11)I am SO pleased with how it turned out. I don’t know what it is about painting, distressing and creating, but it is just good for my soul. I worked on this project in between naps for Sweet Girl, and it brought me such joy. It took me a few days (but not actually much time at all… I was just busy doing a lot of things!) My piece of advice: remember to wear rubber gloves 😉 Little trick my mom taught me.

The pendant light is from IKEA, and I think it brings just the right feel to the space, I can’t wait to see it all finished. I am thinking either a galvanized frame for the mirror, white, or distressed wood… all totally different directions! So time will tell, perhaps next week I’ll have some other idea 😉

image (2)

The fixtures in this room are all chrome, and I did end up ordering a vanity faucet from Overstock.com. I have never shopped with them before, but it was quite reasonable, and they offered the style I was looking for. We also ordered a faucet for our copper sink (which will be in our beverage bar) and some matte black door knobs.


We still have a lot of finishing jobs to do… as you can see looking into our bedroom! And a lot of clean up of tools and supplies before we can install our flooring. But, we truly are so close. I love seeing all of the finishing pieces come together. I wasn’t quite sure how the grey grout would look. We decided to use grey on both the subway tile and the “octagon&dot” on the floor. I have to say I love the results! Now I just need to work on sealing all of the grout lines.

image (12)

We still have a bit of buffing and cleaning to do to get all of the lines really crisp… but you get the idea! One thing to note, when you are doing a subway or mosaic, keep in mind that you will go through a lot of grout! So, if you live out of town… buy extra just in case.. ahem.

I don’t think I am the only one who is excited to be finishing rooms in the addition…

image (3)

xoxo-Miss Ash

6 thoughts on “We have a toilet!”

    1. IKEA! quite reasonable… my only dislike is that the final install is a little “cheapy”… but it works, and is a great impact for little cost!

  1. I love the white washed pine ceiling! I have a wall or two I may try this technique on. Just curious if your wood was pre treated or if you needed to use any kind of lacquer or base first, or a top coat of some sorts? Also, what kind of brushes do you recommend for this technique? Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Allison- thank so much for your comments 🙂 Our wood is kiln dried pine- and was completely unfinished when we put it up. It took the stain really well without a conditioner of any sort. I chose not to use a top coat to finish- I used a gel stain- and allowed that to be the finished surface. Certain stains recommend using a top coat- just check the back label. For application I used a rag- and then wiped the excess off with a clean rag. For a liquid stain I prefer to apply with a brush- there are different bristle options for oil or water based- but it doesn’t have to be fancy! You can use a rag to wipe any excess. I also finished some walls with a DIY White Wash Technique using a paint mix- you can see more details here: http://mamasdance.com/how-to-white-wash-walls/

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