Oh my, I have not been a very good mini-series promoter or blogger the last few months… please accept an official apology on my part! However, I am excited to be picking up this series again and sharing some of the progress of our studio.

While we are more or less completed the space- we actually hosted our first workshop (Intro to Water Color) at the end of April- it is still so much fun to share the progress with you all. This has definitely been a labour of love, and we can’t wait to see all that is in store for this arts space.

In Episode 5 I’m sharing some of the finishing touches on the board room… I really love how this room came together, and can’t wait to share the custom birch table Matt built for it. It’s a beauty, and I want one for my dining area.

If you would like to follow the web series from the start, here are the episodes and tutorials that go along with the mini-series.

Introduction Welcome to Maker House!

Episode 1: Framing, Drywall and Primer

Episode 2: Progress and Paint

Episode 3: Studio Walkthrough and Floor Plan

Episode 4: A Chevron Wood Feature Wall and Black Framed Windows

Tutorial: How to Paint Wood Floors

And here are the links to my written tutorials:

Hand Built Farmhouse Tables

DIY Chevron Wood Wall

How To Install MDF Shiplap

I’ve got some fun tutorials coming up- including how to hang a barn door, and all our tips for installing laminate flooring.

Hope you are having a good start to your week. We are starting what we like to call “recital mania” as not only do I teach, but I also have my kids dancing this year. We’ve just gone through all of my babies birthdays- which fall within a 2 week span-it’s hard to believe they are another year older! I’ve also got a little announcement coming up later this week… so keep an eye out for that.

-Miss Ash

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