Hey sweet friends. I wanted to pop in to say hi as things have been awfully quiet on the blog! Between Maker House projects, being busy with school, and my computer crashing- I just haven’t been snapping photos, working on projects or writing as much! But I have most certainly missed connecting with you.

We are all anxious for Spring to really show up here in Alberta. We have had many grey days, and lots of random snow storms… I can’t wait for that sunshine to come and help all the little plants sprout up! The kids and I check the garden for new signs of growth just about daily- but it’s pretty quiet with the cool temps.

So far I have tulips and poppies sprouting up and ready to get blooms. All of my peonies that I planted last year seem to have survived the winter, and the 7 trees we planted are all looking good! I am thinking of doing a few more updates on some of the perennials and shrubs as gardening in a Zone 3 can be challenging. But I feel we really get lush, vibrant plants… Last year we were spoiled with such an early spring and this year seems to be torture! I am so ready for flip flops and dresses.

We are very nearly wrapped with schooling for the year, which is such a wonderful feeling. I wasn’t sure how having both boys full time would work out, while wrangling a toddler- but I am thrilled to say we are just about finished all of our curriculum for the year. Yay! Looking onward to finalizing my plans for next year, then putting school aside come mid-May and soaking up the warmer months.

We made a little change in our living room- which you may have caught if you follow me on instagram. I built a new coffee table! While I absolutely adore the little crate box I built, which has served as our coffee table for the last few years, it was just a bit small… so we are trying something different. I love the table itself, but I am not sure how much I love it with everything else going on. So, I am going to live with it for a while.

It feels so good to pop in to say hello, as life has just been so all over the place with all types of things. Hoping to get back into a blogging routine sooner than later!


Mis Ash

7 thoughts on “Nearly Spring….”

  1. So good to hear from you and you have been missed! Since I am strictly an email follower I am seeing the coffee table just now and I think it is beautiful (also love that rug under it too). Wishing you warmer weather soon and lots of flowers. Thank-you for this lovely post.

    1. You are so kind Ellen, thanks for your sweet comment! I am loving the size of the table, and the rug was an affordable IKEA find- and we have been very happy with it! I receive your warm weather wish with open arms 🙂

  2. love the sisal rug and the coffee table… The room looks calming and so fresh, i also really like pop of colour over the fireplace. ????

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