Winter Woodland Wreath | This Mamas DanceWinter Woodland Wreath | This Mamas Dance
Winter Woodland Wreath | This Mamas Dance
Winter Woodland Wreath | This Mamas Dance

This past Saturday I spent some time crafting and creating with my oldest son. We both did some sewing, and I also made this precious woodland wreath. I enjoyed myself so very much! When Matt came home he said “Well, thats a bit wild!” And he is so right. I love the way the cedar flops and falls, with the little bits of stray greenery going this way and that.

It’s such a pretty wreath in person, and I’ll be making another to go inside. The succulents and lavender might be my favorite parts. Decorating with fresh greenery is something I have started doing more of in the last few years. It smells amazing, and is so beautiful without too much fuss. Last year I pieced together my own garlands, but this year I bought a few fresh cedar lengths. I know it feels so early, but they were a great price, so I decided to jump before they were gone! I am hoping they hold up all right until Christmas- but who knows.

We won’t be getting a tree until December, but I am starting to decorate our mantel for Christmas, and will be sharing that with you all next week as part of a fun blog hop! It definitely feels like Christmas around here because of the snow and frost. The trees are covered with hoar frost- which is when the branches are lined with thick ice crystals… it really is magical! The woods look like something out of Narnia.

If you follow me on instagram, you might have caught a glimpse on my story of some little grain sack stockings I made. Technically they are drop cloth painted with craft paint- but my goodness are they cute!! Are you doing any Christmas crafting? Have you brought out any decorations yet? I say more power to you if so- I just like to wait until December, and keep it up until the new year.

I know many of my American friends are preparing for Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to you, and enjoy!

-Miss Ash



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