I am happy to say that our bedroom wall is DONE! I used a simple white wash technique to tone down the yellow of the pine, which allowed me to maintain the character of the wood grain. Initially I had planned to use a pre-mixed stain called Sunbleached. However, when I opened it up, it was much more grey/blue then I had anticipated. Baby panic. While I should have bought the same thing I used on our bathroom ceiling, I couldn’t find it, so I took a gamble. Waste of $17.

As any other mama DIYer knows- when you have the will and the time to work on a project {aka sleeping children} you will not be stopped! {my girlfriend once painted an entire chalkboard wall with a teeny tiny brush, and I SO get it} Naturally, I decided to make my own wash. It was cheap {technically free because I used leftovers} and I love the finish. I just wish I had thought of it before.

White Washed Horizontal Planked Pine Wall-2

It took very little time considering, and I was able to do it in 2 stages. About half one evening, and the other half on another evening. White Washed Horizontal Planked Pine Wall-1

The other beautiful thing about white-washing is it only takes one pass- vs. the 3 coats that it took to paint the walls white. {1 coat primer+2 coats of paint} Let’s just say I don’t ever want to repaint my walls… and I think I know what is happening with the giant unfinished wall in the loft!

Here is a side by side of the wall before white washing, and after.

curtain panel  White Washed Horizontal Planked Pine Wall-4

Here is my dreamy dream inspiration board for this space.
Coastal Cottage Style Board| This Mamas Dance

I also wanted to share this lovely duvet cover in detail. I snagged it out of my mama’s stash this summer. I just love the ruffles and texture.White Washed Horizontal Planked Pine Wall-6

Gabriel has been climbing into bed with me while Matt is away, and with the dryer weather he has been getting a few nose bleeds. How is this related you may ask? Well, the other night he was sniffling like crazy and I woke up in a panic that we had a blood epidemic… thankfully we didn’t! So far I love having white bedding, because I just bleach everything now and again. I don’t know how wise it is with 3 kids, but let’s just pretend it’s super practical. #whiteonwhiteonwhite

Tomorrow I will be back to share a little tutorial for white washing… if you don’t have a wall, you might have a box or frame or who knows… maybe, just maybe you need a wall?

-Miss Ash

P.S.- If you would like to see more about how this room has evolved click here.

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