White Lilac Blooms This Mamas Dance-2I love the evening summer light that streams through our windows in the living room. We planted a Japanese Lilac tree a few years ago- and this year the blossoms are amazing- they just smell like a little bit of heaven… I clipped a few and brought them into the living room.

White Lilac Blooms This Mamas Dance-1

Cottage Living Room This Mamas Dance-2

I wish I could send you some through the screen. They have such a soft, sweet fragrance.

Cottage Living Room This Mamas Dance-3

I switched things up on our mantle as well. (finally) I was given a beautiful orchid- but I’ve heard they can be temperamental, so here is to hoping I can keep it alive.

So much life happens here in this room- it is the heart of our home; it is the gateway to the great outdoors, and the cozy haven when the weather turns cold. It is such a gift to have this home, and I am so, so, thankful my kiddos have a safe and fun place to learn and grow.

Well, there’s a toddler climbing on my lap so I think it’s time to sign off. Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday. 🙂

-Miss Ash


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