I have spent a good chunk of the last 5 years painting things. And I mean a goooooood chunk. This week I have been busy with the brush yet again. I was able to add a steely  gray to my hubby’s studio door and 2 closets (definitely need to share his space with you soon!) and I also made some headway on our upper cabinets. The sad news is this- the white is not right. Something must have gone wrong with the formula, because it is definitely reading creamy/yellow, and not the same as the Simply White on our trim and doors. It isn’t too bad on its own, but next to my trim I REALLY notice the difference. I was hoping once I had 2 coats on it would morph into the right color, but sadly that didn’t happen. I have done the boxes and backs of the doors- so now the question is whether or not I want to drive 30 minutes back to the paint store? Did I mention that it snowed last night?#definitelydon’t #butIwill

I snapped a quick picture of where things are at- messy counters and all. And let’s be honest- theres only half the stuff thats usually on here, because normally there are about 3-5 lego creations, and a minimum of 4 kids books.

painting upper cabinets white-1

painting upper cabinets white-2

The good news is that I am really liking the way the uppers feel now that they are white. I haven’t finalized the color for the lowers yet 😉 I did manage to put one of my samples to good use though. It’s Diplomat Blue by Behr. I like to use their samples because they’re just under $3.painted door- diplomat blue-2

For the last month I have been picking away at our mudroom- which was feeling pretty gross since we tied in the old and new part of the house… You can see the before right here, and the progress we made after I painted  everything, and how much things cleaned up once we added doors to our DIY built ins.

Mudroom After Demo-2 painted door- diplomat blue-1

Even with the incomplete random paint job (that’s leftover ceiling paint on the walls ya’ll) and the missing trim, this little room is so much better. I love the little pop of color in there.

painted door- diplomat blue-4

painted door- diplomat blue-3

I’ll give you a hint about what I’ll be testing next for the lowers…

White and Black Small Mudroom with Built Ins | This Mamas Dance-15

I have always loved the color on this little box- you might have noticed it migrates around the house….desk1

Until next time, I wish you well in all of your painting endeavours… and if at first you don’t succeed- try try again.

-Miss Ash



4 thoughts on “The Paint Diaries”

  1. what a drag the paint color didn’t work for you, the uppers look really in the photo!

    I love the blue gray color of your door ?

    1. I know. I am bummed that it’s not right- but I bought a gallon and plan to use it on our living room shelves and open shelves in our kitchen. Because of that, I am going to see if they will take it back as a mistint, as it’s definitely different then the other paint in the same “color” white… here’s hoping!

  2. Love your door color. I know the feeling with the wrong paint color…and have continued painting thinking I would just “go with it”…..but ending up hating the results. I’ve found it ends up making me sooo much happier if I “just” go back and get the color I had envisioned. I live out in the country, and it’s not easy going back into town….but it’s much better than putting up with something that I just won’t be content with. I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sharon. Glad to have you pop by! I think I know that I need to head back into town and get it right- a bit of a drag, but you are right- it will always bother me if I just leave it as is. Thanks for your Country Dweller sympathy 😉

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