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Anyone else have a bit of sticker shock when it comes to lamps these days? I feel like the price of a lamp has increased quite a bit, and I have a hard time swiping my card. One day a few months ago I spotted some tacky lamps at a thrift shop (you might remember my facebook poll…) I grabbed them for $14.99 a piece. I ended up painting them for our bedside table lamps- and today I am back with another refinished table lamp. I used Country Chic paint in Pebble Beach (one of my new fave colors) then added a bit of dimension using antiquing wax.

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I picked up a pair of lamps for $5 a piece- again I felt they had a great shape. These ones came sans shade- nothing a little trip to HD couldn’t solve.

Refinished Table Lamp |This Mamas Dance-1

Refinished Table Lamp |This Mamas DanceChalk Painted Lamp |This Mamas Dance-7Chalk Painted Lamp |This Mamas Dance-6

I’m really enjoying working with paint these days- and spotted this sweet little unfinished birdhouse at the dollar store. Working on little pieces like this is so therapeutic for me- and they are fun for placing around the house.

At first I was unsure if I wanted to use the antiquing wax- here are both lamps side by side for comparison- one painted in 2 coats of Pebble Beach with the antiquing wax, and one with just 2 coats of paint- no wax.

Chalk Painted Lamp in Pebble Beach, Country Chic Paint |This Mamas Dance

What do you think? I actually like both for different reasons. I do like how the wax accentuates the curved details…Chalk Painted Lamp |This Mamas Dance-3Chalk Painted Lamp |This Mamas Dance-4

Working on this refinished table lamp helped me to rekindle a bit of my creative mojo- I can’t wait to show you what I did with this table Matt picked up from the dump. I know, we are those people. But seriously the only thing wrong with it was that the feet had been a little chomped by a dog…

Pine Pedestal Table Before |This Mamas Dance-1

I’d been surfing kijiji for a round pedestal table to put up in our loft for playing games and making puzzles (something we do more of during the winter) While this isn’t exactly what I envisioned, it’s close enough! Besides, you can’t beat free!

-Miss Ash

Refinish an inexpensive lamp with chalk paint

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25 thoughts on “Refinished Table Lamp {Before+After}”

  1. I have a lamp just like this. Great idea. Question, does the paint scratch off. I have never used chalk paint on metal.
    Diane Coffey

    1. Great question! I haven’t even tried- but it hasn’t scratched or dinged so far. I sealed it with a coat of wax- and have been really please with the results. I’ve spray painted and chalk painted metal without issues so far. You could scuff it up with sandpaper, or use a metal primer first if you were concerned.

    1. Hi Leah- I did use a brush. This particular paint has a chalk like finish, and is very thick- so it worked well. I have also used spray paint for a really smooth finish also. Hope that helps.

  2. Have you finished the table yet? What are your ideas for it? I have a small table with the same top but not sure what to do with it, but want to change it so it is different.

  3. Now why did I not think of this!! I have chalk painted old fabric lamp shades, gold metal ceiling lights, leather topped tables, many pieces of furniture and more. But somehow my old shiny brass lamps in my bedroom excaped my thinking. I have seached for and found the wooden based and painted lamps I crave….but at $125.00 per lamp…I stopped short. This is going to be my next project! Thank you!!

    Donna at White Oak Studio and The Small House Big Sky Homestead

  4. I like this idea. I think before I tackle furniture, it would be great to first try something small and inexpensive like lamps. I am going to go to the thrift store and see what I can find. Thanks!

  5. If I used a spray paint, could I still use a wax to antique it? My wife and I are about to do some lamps to go with our living room. parts of them are very detailed to I figured spray paint would be the easiest. Any help is appreciated!

  6. They turned out beautiful! I like the one with antiquing wax best but am not sure what that is and where to purchase it. Also, how is it applied?

  7. How do you prepare the brass for the paint? Is chalk paint available in a spray can? I have so many questions as I have brass lamps that desparately need to be changed up and this looks great. If in the future I wanted to remove the paint how would I do that without damaging the brass? I also have some lamps my mother spray painted with enamel paint over some beautiful scenes of British ladies sitting in their gardens in lovely dresses. I don’t know how to remove the paint without removing the picture or the gold detail. Any help with that? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Nancy- the beauty of chalk paint is that it requires very little prep. I simply cleaned the lamps and painted them. To my knowledge it is not available in a spray, however I have used spray paint as well and it works wonderfully. I don’t have any experience with removing paint from metal.

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