You might have noticed things have been a little quieter than usual. We are wrapping up school and sports- and then we will be in full fledged summer mode! I’ve been working on a few DIY projects- but the last few days had us working on one of my favorites- the siding of the house!

Last fall we started refinishing the old house to pair up with the addition- but an accelerated shooting schedule for Matt’s film meant we ran out of time to finish before he started working around the clock on the feature. He’s got a few days to work on the house this week, and has gotten right to work. It’s so nice to have a few days to work steady while all the tools are out!

Here is a reminder of how the house looked when we moved in:


And here it is today:


I worked on the right hand side last fall- we also redid the centre bump out with the cedar. Matt replaced all of the faschia boards on there with rough cedar. That curve was a bit of a mind bender 😉

Sorry for the dark photos- I just snapped them with Matt’s phone. It took a day for him and his dad to rip off the old vinyl, pull nails, take everything to the dump- set up scaffolding, get tools and supplies ready- and cover everything in house wrap. Matt started on the cedar but we got rained out with an amazing Alberta thunderstorm. We were able to get the gable cedar and trim- as well as all the staining completed yesterday.



The side you see above needs a little patching and surgery. Matt and his dad are replacing the window trim today. It’s work- but rewarding work.

****     ****     ****

Chalk Painted Lamp | This Mamas Dance-3

There have been a few changes going on inside the house that I am looking forward to sharing soon…


-Miss ash

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