family-room-update-upholstery-and-furniture-this-mamas-dance-8Things are moving at little more than a snails pace in our Cottage Family Room. I would love to say that I am so close to finishing, but truth be told there is a lot that needs to come together over the next two weeks. I am happy to say that I’ve completed painting the main walls- and am making steady progress on the upper dormer section! It is so bright, white and beautiful.

In case you missed it, here is an inspiration board I pulled together for our Cottage Family Room…cottage-family-room-style-board-1

And here is version 2 in case I don’t get around to sewing a slip cover for the couch I’ll be stealing from our living room- this isn’t the style, but the color is close enough.cottage-family-room-style-board-2

I still need to get the IKEA cabinet so I can totally make it our own- but in the mean time I’ll update you on the progress I have made.


For the walls and trim I went with the same color we used in our bedroom which is Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. It’s the perfect crisp white.

This week I have been plugging away on some of the furniture pieces for the room. I scored several french chairs on kijiji last year for $20 a piece- and I finally have the time, will and fabric to refinish them. They will be used around the game/puzzle table.


I also wrestled with the chair I showed you week 2- and am happy to say I love the finish on it now. I decided to leave the two armless chairs unpainted.

I was able to finish one, and have started deconstruction on the other. So. Many. Staples. I went with stripes on the seat and a creamy woven fabric on the seat back.


I need to work on touching up the frame as it’s pretty dinged up… I’ll be honest, I really like the dark stain in person- but I’m not sure how I like it next to the table. It looks almost black in the photos… This chair is missing a rung, but it’s still sturdy and has some life left in it.


Working on a budget means I have a lot of “project” furniture. That takes a bit of time, but it’s a passion of mine. Once I finish these chairs- which I am trying to do before the weekend- I’ll need to get started on the storage for this room.


I moved the dresser over to the TV wall. I’m not sure yet if that’s the route I want to go. There’s a lot of wood going on at the moment… family-room-update-upholstery-and-furniture-this-mamas-dance-6Things are still chaotic up there- I need a little muscle to move the hutch and book case downstairs- but it’s coming along guys!! A little more paint and trim in the hight spots- bringing up the couch- and some finishing touches. I’ve still got two weeks to go. I keep telling myself I work best under pressure 😉


My favorite part of the week was picking up this little plant for $8.99 and plopping it in this little wood crate.


Be sure to head over to Calling It Home to check out the rest of the updates for the One Room Challenge week 4. I’m just proud that I actually made progress and got an update posted!! Life is nuts lately.

-Miss Ash


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  1. Life is nuts most of the time …
    you have made incredible progress on your one room challenge, the space is really starting to come together ?

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