Our Master Bedroom is neglected. I know we aren’t the only ones… you don’t have to look past an Ikea commercial to know that it seems to be a cultural norm. The drop zone. The pieced together, leftover space. To all that have a beautiful bedroom to retreat to, I salute you!

Our bedroom has all the bones of becoming a beautiful retreat, but it isn’t quite there yet. Truth be told, I retreat there often… close the doors, open the blinds, and let the light stream in! I love our new bedroom…. I just can’t wait to finish our closet, the trim, and get it all set up. And hopefully get a new bed… because we really need a mattress! ha. Saving the pennies…

curtain panel


From this shot you can see that we have sliding doors that lead out to our back deck. I am hoping this will lead to many morning coffees shared back there… and perhaps an evening bevey! What that photo doesn’t reveal is that we put up one piece of crown moulding, and then got a little intimidated and tired. So we stopped for a few months.pine walls bedroomIt also shows that I decided to be done enough with painting in there… I *think* I would like to white wash that wall that is still pine, and I *know* that I would like to wash the ceiling in the same “pickling” stain I did in the bathroom…

image (11)


You can really see the difference it makes in toning down the “yellow” of the pine. It was originally much less yellow, but has yellowed a lot since we put it up.image (9)

But I have a lot of other more important painting to tackle, which I am proud to say I have started on again! Trim is being filled, sanded and painted in this house again, and it feels good! When you live in a reno, it’s always staring back at you, but to be honest I am just so thankful for this lovely space! It will get there one day.

For example, one day my clothes won’t live in an over flowing laundry basket, and Fin will have a dresser for all of her things {in her room!} And we will get the other blind hung, that didn’t get hung originally because it was missing the hardware to hang it! {do you see why we got daunted by the crown? I know my hubby is thanking me for wanting this to be the one room in the addition to have it… oopsy)
messy roomBut can’t you just imagine 2 cozy chairs in that bay window? Today she isn’t looking so stunning, but I can see past the mess.painted pine bedroom


I found the most perfect bed frame on kijiji! But… alas, they didn’t respond back. Isn’t that the case. Oh well 😉 Must be another treasure to be had. If not I may just have to DIY something.


I don’t know what direction I want to go in here yet… but I think this just may be the one space I can go light, white, and neutral… and reallllly like it. Clean kids only! 😉

Happy Tuesday!

-Miss Ash

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