I really enjoy Christmas time. I am one to put up lights, make wreaths, bake and decorate. Festivities, parties, traditions. It is important to celebrate family and love and twinkly lights. However, the last few weeks  I find myself being reminded of what Christmas is about. I mean reeeeeaaaaalllly about. Often times we say “Christmas is about family!” and while that is a good thing, it isn’t what Christmas is truly about. As much as my 4 year old feels like its really about presents, it isn’t about that either.

Christmas, for me, is about the birth of Christ… but even more so, the gift of eternal life that came to earth in the form of a babe named Jesus. Its all wonderful and beautiful, and a little confusing too. We talk about Jesus, and why we celebrate the way we do… and this year, the “whys” of my boys have begun to challenge my heart. Why do we hustle, and strain the bank account to give gifts. Why do we feel bad that the tree isn’t up, or we didn’t create a home made advent calendar, or visit every relative and make them feel important. I am not condemning the doing of these things- if they are done with the right heart, I believe they add joy to ones life, and ripple out to greatly impact those around you. I just know that I also see so much stress, busy-ness, and disappointment.

This year we have a pile of tools, trim boards and paint cans adorning our house. Laundry and choo choo trains, shop vacs and dirty dishes. We haven’t gotten a tree yet, and while there was a fleeting moment of “oh no, we should have the tree up by now!” I simply decided to let it go. We will decorate, when we are ready. As we will feel inspired. I will rest in the peace of happy children, and the most tender eyes that gaze at me from across the room, over the sticky floors, and despite the messy hair piled atop my head. His eyes cut through the screams and giggles… as if to give a big sigh… we were created for love. Not just our love, but to know the first love… the love given to us in the form of redemption, and the ultimate sacrifice to bring reconciliation to the heart of Christ. He could not bear to live without us… and so he invites us to spend eternity with him. The glory of creation, the perfection of relationship as it is meant to be. No more sorrow, no more worries, no more disappointments. He says “you my daughter are enough for me.” With a sigh, I rest in the peace of Christ, and thank him for the joys here on earth, like sticky hands, slobbery kisses, and twinkly lights.

How have you been hearing the voice of God this season? What is it you most look for during the holidays?



One thought on “Christmas time is here…”

  1. hi mizzzzz ash

    absolutely a beautiful message, love the tender eyes from across the room…

    thank you,

    have a blessed Christ mas.

    mizzzz deborah

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