I have gotten a few questions about what is where, and the functionality of this new studio project, so the easiest way to answer those seemed to be in a video! I’m taking you on a full walkthrough of Maker House and sharing a bit of the vision for each area…

We hope to be hosting our first round of workshops in March- so we are literally burning the candle at both ends. It’s exciting work, and our kiddos have been total troopers. They often come with us to the studio- and while it’s a little noisier and my work gets interrupted more often, most days go really well. Matt’s parents have also been continual helpers and support on this, and we couldn’t have done it without them!

I am so happy with how the black framed windows and chevron feature wall came together. You might have caught a glimpse of me testing colors on that big shiplap feature wall. I decided on a color…

I had originally planned on white- but I decided to go outside the box! I love how it turned out. It definitely draws the eye. I’ve always wanted to try an MDF shiplap wall, and I’ll be sharing all the details with ya’ll. It was easy! One downside is the our local HD won’t cut MDF down- and they won’t do strips smaller than a foot, so we had to cut everything ourselves. Initially I had considered using plywood, so I could get it cut there- but those large strips would have been too big. We ended up ripping our own strips down to about 8″.

I’ve started shopping for more furniture- and in case you missed the post about the tables we built- things are already looking different than they were during this video walk through!

I hope you are having a lovely week so far,

-Miss Ash


2 thoughts on “A Walkthrough of the Studio”

  1. The walk-through was great! It is a lot more space than I had understood it to be. I like that you have put glass between rooms. Very good to permit the light flow into every space. I would imagine people and groups are lining up to utilize your well thought out facility.
    Enjoying the updates.

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