I recently switched out our bathroom mirror with a “new” vintage mirror. The mirror we’ve had in there for the last few years was re-purposed from our old house, and while it worked well I felt like the bathroom was lacking a bit of character. I wasn’t totally sure how this would turn out, but I really like it!
It was pretty easy to hang. First off I had to add some hooks to the frame, then ran heavy duty picture wire between the hooks. I used a monkey hook to hang it from the drywall.

I also hung up this sweet little thrifted cross stitch. I’ve realized that it takes me a long time to hang anything… it’s a bit ridiculous actually! However, this seemed sweet for spring so I just went for it.

It’s amazing what a difference a mirror can make, I especially love the character of this vintage mirror, the hooks and soft turned spindles for it to mount on. I also like seeing that warm wood peeking through the door way.

Happy first day of Spring friends. I hope your week is off to a lovely start!

-Miss Ash

2 thoughts on “A New Vintage Mirror in the Bathroom”

  1. That mirror looks great 🙂 And don’t worry about taking a long time to hang things; we renovated our bathroom 3 years ago and I still have a print on the floor waiting to be hung…

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