Even though I am slowing down as I get further along in my pregnancy (just rounding out at 32 weeks!) I am enjoying being back in project mode in the house. Call it nesting, or call it normal life around here- but I am working on my list of to do projects! I still have paint touch ups to tackle around the house- especially on some of our door and window trim. So I am trying to restrain myself from getting too distracted while I finish those off. But of course I have some other things in the works.

In theory I think of myself as someone who loves neutrals, but upon review I actually decorate with a lot of color. Greens, blues and dashes of muted pastels seem to be present throughout the house. What are some of your favorite colors? I have learned over time though, that in order to really love the bits of color I use, I prefer to have a neutral background.

That is the reason I gravitate towards bright whites, light greys and warm wood. They seem to offer just what I need… add some blue textiles and fresh green plants and I feel pretty happy. One of my favorite mags- actually the only one I subscribe to- is Country Living. While I wouldn’t exactly describe my style as country, I do like french, farmhouse and cottage styles- and can always seem to find inspiration within the pages of Country Living. This month’s issue has a healthy dash of bright color and light neutrals.

I particularly loved the feature on Gun Nowak’s home- a gorgeous barn filled with warm whites, beautiful furniture and of course wood!

That little wood strip has me inspired for our mudroom wall- I am thinking of carrying the barn wood from our posts over to the shiplap and drywall divide. I have a little antique cubby shelf I am in the process of stripping, so I want to make sure I like the different finishes together.

I also love the mixture of french furniture, with simple slip covered sofas. Those painted floors are pushing me just a little closer towards saying yes to Matt’s suggestion of painting out our kitchen floors… they are just so lovely.

If you’d like to check out more of this beautiful home, you can find it over on Country Living’s Site or pick up a copy of their latest issue. It’s all about barn homes… you know, if you like that sort of thing!

Happy perusing friends,

-Miss Ash

2 thoughts on “Whites, Wood and Day Dreaming”

  1. I too love Gun’s barn home especially the light grey floors. I’ve just about convinced my DH to paint ours seeing that we plan to knock a wall doen and renovate the main floor in 2 years. So why not? We get to try it on for size during that time and if we love it, we can put all new flooring in and know for sure what color the floors should be. I’m also wavering with the idea of painting them all black after the 1st year. Our home is all neutral so I believe it can handle either one. All that information to ask if you have any idea what color her floors are? Any guesses would be much appreciated.

    1. Oh that sounds like a great idea Staci! We painted the floors in our creative studio, and it is such a great way to update and unify a room. Ours are a light grey, and they hide dirt quite well- we once had dark laminate floors and they seemed to show everything. Unfortunately it doesn’t say the exact color of her floors in the article- just that she painted the walls and floors in the same custom shade. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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