Ok. The title is honestly no exaggeration! We have been hit by a cold snap that has even dipped to the -50’s when you consider the wind chill. {how do I live here?} Its sick. Lets not dwell on it too long.

The thing is my thinking, feeling, active 3 year old can get pretty bored at -40, because lets be honest… I am not interested in packing my kids up, and going OUT in that weather. The cold has had me really thankful with the types of gifts we bought and received for E this year! I thought I’d share a few of the activities that keep him engaged when we have long cold days indoors!

Simply put, E is not a natural solo player. I think this might come with being a first baby? Or maybe its just him, but G has always been such a great solo player… He will find something to do, and then put away all his little train tracks or blocks after 40 minutes of entertainment. E on the other hand wants me to play with him, or sit with him, or he wants to help me cook or paint or whatever.

Lacing and Tracing

I bought these figures for E, and he really enjoys choosing different laces and animals. He prefers the whale or horse best- and its also a good tool for fine motor skills!


He adores beading. We got a big bag of mixed beads, which actually doubled the fun. We have some egg cartons that he uses to sort the beads (by colors or shape) and then he uses different colors of embroidery thread. He has made some necklaces and key chains… I’m running out of “useful” creations… ideas?

Alphabet Binder

I have added some different free print offs for practicing his ABC’s… he literally did this for 4 hours one day! I am also so proud of him, because he signed his name all on his own for each Christmas gift he gave. He then went through a stage where he left out the “a” because “It’s my most worst letter mama.” But, his little works of art are now back to being complete 😉


We bought him a cute Melissa+Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set, and then his auntie and uncle had the same great idea {because they know he loves to craft like his mama} and bought a vehicle one. He enjoys stamping and coloring them in like the picture on the stamp. Perfectionist?

Modeling Clay

I totally forgot about how fun modeling clay is! And way less messy than play-doh. I have gotten sucked into doing a little modeling myself.


We keep an array of water colors on hand, and a slightly more limited supply of acrylics on hand. I love that inexpensive canvas’ allow me to easily display my boys’ works of art! I have especially loved the recent development of E explaining his paintings… pretty neat!

What types of preschool activities do you keep up you sleeves for rainy or snowy days indoors?

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