There is something I love about summer and fall… all of that COLOR! I desperately miss color during the winter months {there are so many of them} Now, I know for those that don’t live somewhere north of the Tundra, the idea of snow is almost romantic and doesn’t result in deep breaths and pep talks. Truth be told, I still get a little bit excited about the first snow, and am trying for the sake of the children not to begrudge all 12 months of winter… I mean 8. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say that summer is my favorite season. Give me a sun hat and garden shovel over a parka and snow shovel any day!

My love for color is one of the reasons I chose blue for our house… in theory I love neutrals, lights and whites- but in real life, I use color. During the cold, white snowy months, our cheery house puts a big smile on my face!

I couldn’t pass up these bright and colorful “fall blooms.”  The yellow really pops against our house color. It seems like everyone is eager to jump into boots, cozy up with pumpkins and call it fall- but it is indeed still summer. I’m soaking up every last drop! However, I did think it would be fun to share some really simple fall touches, that embrace the changing seasons without going to crazy. {hay bales anyone?}Autumn Entry-12Autumn Entry-5I couldn’t turn down these bright yellow mums! They are just so sweet and cheery. And yes… we finished the siding on this part of the house. The last time I showed you was earlier this summer when Matt built a deck…front deckNow it looks like a house! Sometimes when I feel like we aren’t making progress I take a look back through pictures and realize all the work we have done. On evenings and the odd weekends no less.Autumn Entry-6Autumn Entry-7
Sometimes my eyes can’t believe the colors that exist in nature. What a feast for the soul. My eyes also can’t believe when I find my favoriite wicker IKEA chair for 50% off… I know. I have this thing with chairs.

Autumn Entry-17Autumn Entry-10I plopped the mums in a little bucket with the sweetest wooden handle. I think I need more buckets in my life.Autumn Entry-8You may remember this wreath I made several years ago. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of pumpkin orange… white pumpkins? Yes please. Maybe I will find a few in the future… but for now I am enjoying my subtle, fall, neutralish wreath. {mouthful much?} Also. Burlap and buttons. {I hung the wreath using a clear 3M hook- and it seems to be working wonderfully!}Autumn Entry-15Autumn Entry-1I wish our entry was this tidy every day- but right now we are working on siding. I am praying that next fall I won’t be mad scrambling to finish siding, and instead I’ll be wearing leather boots with knitted boot cuffs, while holding a non toxic pumpkin latte and watching my kids play in the neatly raked leaves 😉 Autumn Entry-11In the mean time I suppose I’ll have to enjoy the teeniest of my favorite photo bombers.

Any fall touches making their way into your space?

-Miss Ash

3 thoughts on “Touches of Color”

  1. the vibrant blue on ur home is gorgeous and the splash of yellow flowers gives a great pop to the deck.

    when the fall weather is warm it is my favourite season ?

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