When we bought our {first} house over 5 years ago, we had to make it work somehow. Like many newlyweds, we were on a limited budget, so we had room mates! We lived downstairs, rented out the upper level. It worked really well, and we did that for about 2 years. We decided to make the move upstairs when little E was due to arrive. Our basement has been many things… studio, play room, suite… but lately it has been a hodge podge of undedicated spaces. More of a storage area that was rather neglected.

When we moved in, I was 20. And I didn’t really know what I “liked” but went with what I knew. So, my walls were tan and red… and I painted our bedroom purple! Yes. It’s true. But, it wasn’t bad. After room mates, kids… and life- our basement is in need of a facelift! A facelift on the, err, cheap. So, as I mentioned in my #unmeme post… we started painting. And the color pallette is very different!

White and grey. I promise it isn’t hospital feeling. I actually am loving it so far! It feels so bright, and I think it is really going to inspire me to rededicate the space{s}.

Here are some textures and items that will help to create a different feel:

Our Paint is from the Martha Stewart Living Collection in “Pop Corn” and “Nimbus Cloud”  I ended up doing a color match of the Nimbus Cloud in the Behr’s Paint and Primer in one- for quick coverage over the red. I didn’t want to have to prime, and then paint 3 coats… I was a little skeptical that it would only take 2 coats… but once I started rolling this stuff on the walls I was very pleased. After ONE coat it had nearly covered! Can you believe it? One on RED. I was happy. So, after 2 coats, it looks awesome. This stuff was a little more expensive, but cheaper than purchasing primer and paint separately. Plus, the MSL pop corn was on sale! {bonus} so it worked out. My question… why can’t all paint be as thick as the “paint and primer in one” it is awesome… and eliminates that extra step!

Anyhoo, enough of my paint love/rant. We are adding some storage in the form of shelving (see bracket above) and hooks for coats/bags etc. The fabric was on clearance at IKEA, so I picked up a metre for some throw pillows to bring in some more grey. I don’t have a ton of grey, but a few items are bringing it all together.

I have what may be the most brilliant plan for an ottoman, as well as a DIY window bench- TBA on those posts- but, I’m excited for them!

I bought this rug from ikea, because at $29.99 the price was right! And it ties in another grey element, for a clean backdrop.

Remind me how much I loathe overhead florescent lighting…. hopefully this little guy will help out a bit! ($16.99 IKEA)

I am not going to keep all grey+white… but that is our backdrop. I love blues, so we will be bringing in some blues with the ottoman and throw pillows (who doesn’t love some good throw pillows) but I am torn about what other colors I like. I might bring in a chair I reupholstered (ahem, am still rehupolstering!) that is in a bit of an ocean/teal color… which is along the blue-ish lines, but want some contrast and am thinking maybe yellow? But the grey/yellow scheme seems so used… and I am not really sure how much I actually like it… suggestions?

I have created a Basement Update Pinterest Board to see different looks- and you can also see some of what I like on my Living Room Board.


Well. That is all for now! Looking forward to sharing the progress of this space!

Miss Ash

2 thoughts on “Time for Change: Updating our Basement on a Budget!”

  1. FUN! I love love love grey and yellow (no matter how ‘used’ it is!) I think yellow would go really beautifully with what you have and make a basement really cheery. I also really love that pallet on casters for a coffee table! You go lady!!!

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