You know the saying “Everything is moving along Tickety Boo” ? At least I think that’s a saying… I would love if I could move everything along at “Bippity Boppity Boo.” Where is my fairy godmother? But alas, things only move along when you put in the work. Sometimes the finished product seems SO FAR off… but in reality, we are of course, closer then we were yesterday.

It has been a long time since I have given a true house update. I had one in the can and the start says “the last time I gave a house update was August…” So does that mean its been a year?! AHHHHHH. Don’t tell me. I will tell you that there are always hang ups. Always things that can go wrong, things you forget, stuff you don’t have… It has been tricky to navigate these waters with 2 kids and a newborn. There is so much shopping that needs to be done, and it isn’t in the lumber and screw aisle. (ok, it is there, but it’s other places as well) I was picking out stain when she was 2 weeks old, paint samples, light switches, tile and faucets were to follow.. thank goodness for online shopping. I am trying to utilize ordering on line, or at least finding what I want before going into a store.

So, here is an update of some of the spaces over the last year (where is the bulging eye ball emoji when you need it) Let me tell you. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I recently read a post from the Nester… where she was talking about her awful barn (I see it through rose coloured glasses myself, and think its already beautiful!) But I totally understand when you are in the thick of a project, and your house and life is in chaos… because everything has to be moved somewhere, and if you are working on something, it means you aren’t cleaning up other somethings. Like the mountains of papers, or dirty dishes… Or in our case, boxes from lights, random toys, scrap wood, empty paint cans and a kayak. Not to mention, attempting to lose the baby weight.

So, my friends, be afraid… did I say that already?

Master Bedroom:

image (16)

So don’t mind this room. It’s basically the storage room. All of the tools are stored in here right now, as well as the endless cardboard, plastic and styrofoam from all the packaging of things like lights, cabinets, etc. That giant box? Our beautiful chandelier waiting to go up in the living room!! Remnant drywall, our old back door… reclaimed wood and shakes that need to be stained. yelp. Real life renos people. I basically haven’t touched this room since painting it simply white and posting a picture on instagram. I am currently leaving that patio door wall pine… because I just don’t know what I want to do to it. White wash, simply white, accent wall… I’m not sure. So I think we will get the crown moulding and trim up (ordered!) and some curtains and live with it for a while.

Living Room:

image (14)

image (15)

image (19)

image (20)

Sometimes I feel like this room is really close to being done, and then it turns into a mess again, and it feels really far away. Oh my lans. Next time we decide to build a house ourselves, slap us.

The good new is, the painting is done! except for a few touch ups here and there. I am going to leave the wood on the fireplace until we have our stone up and mantle built, and then decide what I want to do up there. Because I just don’t know yet. You can see some of my inspiration pictures that I shared back in March, right here.

I also haven’t chosen a counter top for the bar. I really want to do this beautiful marble mosaic backsplash, and originally planned to do a white corian counter top… and then I got a quote and changed my mind. Wasn’t corian supposed to be more economical then stone? Anyhoo, I am figuring that out. We have tossed around everything from butcher block (too woody) laminate (my husband hates it) stainless steel (too many metals with our copper sink?) to concrete (are we on DIY burn out or what…) So, while Matt really needs a decision, I just can’t decide today… but I was pinning up some Formica Laminate “looks like stone” countertop options, so I need to go look at some real life samples. Don’t tell Matt.

Family Bathroom:

image (21)

 This is the room I go into when I feel like we haven’t made any progress… no. seriously. No jokes here. It is the most complete in many ways. It just needs trim, doors and a faucet (which arrived from overstock yesterday!!) If you missed out source list and progress update on this room, you can see it here.


image (17)

Painting trim. And trim that needs to be painted. Stained shakes, and in the works primed pine… But once all that is done we just need to build a railing and clean up all this junk so the carpet can go in… I will swallow my sobs at our to do list and instead say “look, that wall is painted and the ceiling is stained! And they are DONE”

Boys Room:

image (18)

This room looks worse then it is. Mostly, the scrap wood, and leftover materials… like insulation that needs to go into certain places (the attic) and more tools that need clean up. The chalkboard is for impromptu x’s and o’s challenges from our boys. Notice also, the pot lights and outlets with covers! Baby steps ya’ll.

For my sanity I will save the “where are they now” shots of the following rooms for another day: Boys Bath Room, Laundry Room, Exterior, Mud Room, Master Closet. I will say however, that we have POWER, and LIGHTS, and that mini fridge is ON, and such as. *stands up and does happy dance. sits back down*

While I won’t say it isn’t fun to build a house, I will say, it isn’t easy. Let me just sing praises of my husband one more time! Woot woot for Matty! He is amazing!

I am going to try and take the room by room approach from here on out. Here is  a list of the spaces we are working on:

  • Exterior Siding
  • Boys Bathroom
  • Main Bathroom
  • Master Bedroom (addition)
  • Living Room
  • Loft
  • Boys Room (addition)
  • Mudroom
  • Laundry Room
  • Landscaping

We are basically doing a crazy house blitz over the next week and a half. Watch us be productive. (I hope and pray!) Tell me how crazy we are in the comments. Painting party anyone?

I’ll be back with updates and posts on our “progress”

-Miss Ash




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  1. oh Mizzz ash if I lived closer I would come over and paint….

    I can see the vision and the house is giving birth to beautiful rooms.

    thank you for sharing.

    love Mizzz deborah xo

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