Cottage Living Room This Mamas Dance-4I shared a few shots of this handmade wood box and today I thought I would show you how I built the top.

I built the box itself last year out of pine scraps for the purpose of holding our our wood scraps! It is pretty rustic and tacked together with a staple gun and 4 “posts” that run through the corners. We use it as a wood box for our fireplace wood. I painted it with a $1 sample of green I had in my stash… and then. I just didn’t like it for a long time, but oh well. It’s a wood box. So I decided to add some casters to be able to move it around easily, and then chose to re-paint it. I went with some Grey Owl from a sample can I had leftover from choosing our wall color. We have been using it as a make shift table until I find something for our living room, so I thought it was time to build a wood top out of some reclaimed wood scraps.wood box with reclaimed wood top-1

I zipped the ends with a skill saw. I planned to frame out the edges but didn’t get that far. Baby woke up 😉 So, this is where it will be at for now- and I like it!wood box with reclaimed wood top-2

I glued the boards to a piece of plywood and stapled it down. I held the wood in place with clamps until the glue had set.wood box with reclaimed wood top-3I brushed over the top with an orbital sander and hand sanded the edges. I heart reclaimed wood 🙂wood box with reclaimed wood top-6I really liked the way the grey owl looked on its on- but decided to add some antiquing wax to bring out the dings and knots. I added some extra “character” with a hammer and fork!

wood box with reclaimed wood top-5
wood box with reclaimed wood top-4wood box with reclaimed wood top-10

At first it was a little scary to put the antiquing wax on because it is really dark at first. BUT once you buff it it’s less scary! It dulled things just a bit, brought out the dings and dents, and made it feel a bit more at home with the wood top.wood box with reclaimed wood top-16wood box with reclaimed wood top-17wood box with reclaimed wood top-9

And tada! We have a handmade wood box which works perfectly as a make shift coffee table 🙂 I like it so much more! This was such a fun project. It felt good to have an idea and be able to execute it so quickly! Yay for creating. Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

-Miss Ash


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