On Wednesday we spent time building some much needed storage. My goodness does it feel wonderful to have a place to put some things away! We finished all of the built ins in our Master Bedroom Closet, and finally built this little guy for the bathroom 🙂White Bathroom Shelfpier 1 inspired tall cabinet

I love having a place to display a few things and store the essentials. I just painted it yesterday… in a painting frenzy. I will share all the details of how we built it- because it was pretty straight forward! white with blues bathroom

These baskets were from Jysk a while ago for under $6 each, and they fit perfectly. Baskets are one of my fave accessories for function and style. The glass storage containers were thrifted for $0.50-$1.00Daisies in IronstoneWhite Bathroom CabinetIt’s tall {need to anchor it to the wall just in case!} and functional. I love the white 😀 I painted it out in leftover Simply White from our Doors and Trim. Would you believe the base is a $4 yard sale side table? When I saw this from Pier 1 I immediately thought about turning my table into a tall cabinet. It’s just a little more interesting and feminine… and in a house with lots of boys I can use some more of that in my life.

It retails for $279.95… I’m going to show you how we built one for a lot less! But I will leave that for another day. They’re not identical but I was certainly inspired by the Pier 1 version.

I have so much painting to do and am slowly getting it off the list. I am really excited about sharing some of the changes we are making in the house. Let’s just say I want to build all of the things…

It must be said that I survived Home Depot with 3 kids- one of which weighs 23 lbs and was strapped to my chest for over an hour, during nap time, after lunch! I loaded so much lumber into my cart, and got brackets, and price compared… and I literally felt like I should write a book at the end of the experience. God smiled on me that day because none of my kids had to go to the bathroom?! Can you say miracle?

My 5 year old did have to be disciplined at the end because he was riding the lumber cart while not holding on {yes, both of my boys rode the lumber cart full of lumber, that I pushed with afore mentioned 1 year old strapped to my body} It was so awesome to be told “you’re the worst mom ever.” While I tried to give him a chance to listen, and the check out girl cheerily said “How are you today? Stressful being at Home Depot with 3 kids?” Seriously, I felt like super woman that day, but I also almost wanted to cry by the time we were done. Can anyone relate?

It was all worth it though. I think.DIY White Bathroom Free Standing Cabinet

*****     *****     *****

We have had some MAJOR thunderstorms here lately. Some of the rain has turned to hail, and my beautiful healthy plants took a beating. Isn’t that just so sad? I love my garden and all that grows. While I know it’s part of life it is just so sad to see plants look like they went through a blender. Thankfully our little seedlings are up and thriving; they avoided most of the hail. I may or may not have gone back to the greenhouse this afternoon with my munchkins to get just a few more things. I did stick to my pocket cash budget though… no more plants for me this season! Unless it’s a tree… that’s different right?

-Miss Ash

6 thoughts on “Tall White Cottage Cabinet {DIY}”

  1. I love how simple yet effective this is! I was looking for a cheap and easy way to increase my bathroom storage and this seems like the perfect way to do it. Thanks for sharing, really appreciate it!

    1. Hi Brigitte. Unfortunately my hard drive crashed and I lost the images of the step by step process for this build. We used pine panels from home depot to construct the sides, top and shelves- then mounted them to a thrifted side table- which acts as the base. The back is just inexpensive particle board. Sorry I don’t have more details for you.

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