farmhouse-simple-fall-mantel-this-mamas-dance-2I harvested what may be the last of our sunflowers this week, and I felt inspired to start moving our living room towards fall. I still hope to get some pumpkins, but we haven’t been out lookin just yet. I thought I would share some of the changes with you today! So, here is our Sunny Fall Fireplace.


I could imagine little pumpkins nestled in there, yet I also like it as is. I found that big wooden thing (I don’t know what it was for?) for $4- and I painted it grey. Maybe it was a small table top, I’m not sure- but I like it. I hung the wreath in front and it just makes me love that grey color even more. It’s Pebble Beach from Country Chic Paint. I never know how to spell grey… or gray. I don’t know. Canadia-america probs.


Fall Fireplace via This Mamas Dance

I’m liking the simplicity of the greys and whites…. fall but not crazy fall. This room is still saying- weather, feel free to stay above 20 and keep the tundra far far away- for a good month and a half yet. Please…

Have you noticed how I have just been using sunflowers for the last 100 years? I mean, eventually I will switch up the flowers in my life, but right now how can I turn away free flowers? And guess what else?! My sweet peas have been amazing this season. I’ve been cutting piles of em- giving them away, letting my 2 year old have her own little handfuls to smell. It really is quite lovely.

-Miss Ash

Earlier this week I shared the Evolution of our Fireplace- catch the process here.

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