So when you hear the words “Farmhouse Kitchen” you probably think of something like this:

Joanna Gaines Kitchen

Isn’t it lovely? I think so.

Well, that’s not the kind of farmhouse kitchen we have. You see the funny thing about “farmhouse kitchens” is that they are usually tiny, woody, and not designed for modern use. Enter, our farmhouse kitchen!original farmhouse kitchen

I know. It’s STUNNING!!! Ok. I don’t want to be totally mean to our little kitchen, because it works very hard. Here are the things I do like about our kitchen:

  • the floors
  • The character of the uppers… minus the swans and fruit baskets and orangey/red wood
  • I can cook things in it?

It sounds a bit harsh but really, we don’t have any useable base cabinet storage (those are flour bins, which are really cute! but not practical) theres no counter space beside our oven… and you can’t tell but the bank of original cabinets are really low and apparently designed for hobbits. Our faucet leaks and the top element of our oven is broken {we tried to find a replacement but they don’t make it anymore or something?} The ceiling has a horrible texture on it and the lighting is bad…


But. Here is the thing. There is no money left in the budget. So, until “someday” arrives, this is our kitchen! I really have put zero energy into this room because well, we have been really busy building an addition! I have decided though that I need to make it a little more live-able and functional… and less woody. So I decided to do a crazy thing….

painted cabinetTa Da!! We have plans to eventually renovate our kitchen…. and some of the changes are big. But in the mean time I went for the “cheap and cheerful” approach! I’ll be back later this week to show you the changes I’ve made so far!

-Miss Ash


8 thoughts on “Stop Staring at Me Swan {Our Farmhouse Kitchen}”

  1. And then there’s me who looks at your kitchen and goes “oh if only I had a kitchen that big” haha.
    Loving the cupboard doors!

    1. you know what? you touched on something I forgot to put in my yes list… our kitchen’s foot print is great! I do love that about it too 😉 Just need to work on the storage…

  2. Try for that stove repair. They had oven coil for our 50 plus year old stove. Love the paint color.

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