Thanks to all who wrote to me after the post about my dad. I feel really blessed to be able to write and share some of my heart through this blog… My hope in life is to be a beauty seeker, even in the hard and messy parts of life. I am so thankful for everyone along the way that has reached in to pull me out of the muck and be the life and beauty I’ve needed. I am especially grateful to those that have been there for not just me but my family over the last 15 years. You never know what a few kind words, a meal, a card… can mean to someone facing hard times. <3

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Things have been changing a bit in our Family Room. {what else is new?} I like to call it the Great Room, because it’s pretty great! It is certainly where we spend most of our time… relaxing, playing games, passing through to the backyard. Even though I have banished most of the boys toys to the upstairs, they will still make it down with their cars and creations for the day. The light in this room is my favorite!

I have however had a hard time figuring out how to place furniture. During the summer it is a major through way for us with going out to the deck. It is a wide room, so the couches end up getting pulled into the centre so they aren’t too far away. But then it feels like we are wasting space? Anyhoo… I think perhaps 2 loveseats and chairs may be the answer, for optimal flow and enough seating… I don’t know. This is working for now. So here is where we are at:

white oak staircase, white risersliving room windows

I brought in our old coffee table from the shed… I had left it out there because it isn’t what I am wanting, but something is better then nothing at this point. Matt was getting really tired of having no place to set a drink down. 😉triple sliding patio door{Oh little lumpy pillows, how you make me laugh! } I’ve never really shown the opposite side of this room, probably because it looks into our construction midway mania…living room beverage bar

Eventually that little stud wall and door way will open up to mirror the opening in the living room. It leads to our kitchen and dining room. The opening on the left is our mud room, and our laundry is to the right. That zone is very much a mess 😉coffee barWe use our bevy bar every day! I love it… Trying to keep the counter free from cups, bowls, crafts and crapola is a daily areaThese cabinets were premade on sale at Rona- and they fit our opening perfectly. They have solid wood door and drawer fronts- and now that we have the piano I will most definitely paint the cabinets. With the floors, ceiling, mantle beam… there are so many wood tones happening- and the cabinets are competing right now. That will also make it so much easier to add trim to the top and bottom to conceal the under cabinet lights which make me more crazier then they should… I also really need to find hardware!white quartz countercopper sink single faucetnautical rope chandelierliving room overheadSo this is where we are right now. We still have so many constructiony projects to complete that I haven’t really spent much time thinking about decor. However, I would like to start to move in that direction… build a coffee table and an ottoman… Mind you Finley just started climbing on top of the coffee table so maybe we will have to give it the boot for a while?

We also started working on something in this room that I will be back to share tomorrow… starts with built ends with ins 😉 I am loving them even in their very “work in progress” state!

-Miss Ash

P.S.- Want to see more of our living room?

Our Piano Wall

Our Simple Gallery Wall {pre piano}

Our Spring Mantle

Our Fireplace

Inspiration for the Living Room

Construction Phase



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