Oh my goodness guys- I have been completely lame with updating the One Room Challenge, but I am asking for grace because things have been so busy I haven’t had time to blog! Thats life though. I love this space, and sharing creative projects- but when life gets busy I have to put those things on the back burner. The great news is I vacuumed the living room and kitchen/dining room this morning. I have regained a smidgen of dignity, because seriously it was not cute.

We had a home appraisal last week- so of course we were finishing projects and I was trying to make it look like no one lived in our house… even though we really do a lot of living here- since we are working on renos, and homeschooling- not to mention there is a toddler that leaves a trail of mess in her wake. Having a clean house is so nice- but keeping it that way is another story! It’s been good to let loose a bit and not worry about stray candy wrappers and apple cores. Why do my kids leave apple cores and banana peels everywhere- where did they learn that? I blame composting. We used to compost, and then we stopped- because winter-and now I guess they just can’t compute that they will have to chuck em.

I made a ton of headway on the loft built ins this weekend, and I am seriously loving them!! They are so functional, I am just smitten- not to mention the trim work I added to the fronts is so lovely. So- with fingers crossed I’ll have some pretty photos for you this week. It may not be completely “finished” but, it is a long way from 5 weeks ago! Considering my procrastination on this room makeover, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished.

I am such a deadline person- so I totally feel it looming, and want to have everything checked off and delivered as promised. I have had to learn to lift those expectations off myself- because especially in a case like this, that’s not what it’s about. I guess I always want the gold star- in accomplishing my own goals, and in fulfilling the roles that I am in. However, I am learning that I can not do it all. I’ve ended up getting to the point of being very burnt out- and my husband Matt and I are constantly fighting that- especially with the intensity of his film work over the last several years. I really am praying for a rest- and am constantly seeking God’s supernatural strength to get us through the days ahead.

On that note- the film is now available for pre-order here. With the official global premiere date of Dec.2. I can not be more proud of this project- and the fact that with every sale it will directly fund the organizations that are working to end human trafficking around the globe. I’ll be posting more details soon- because it’s been a while since I have shared anything about it- but just know, it is very much a labor of love, and I am so excited for people to see it!  🙂

I hope you are having a great start to your week-

Miss Ash

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