Often times in decorating our home, I’m mindful of not leaning “too feminine” in my choices… I am after all surrounded by boys! There is lots of blue in our house, which works, because it is one of my favorite colors 😉 But for Finley’s room I wanted it to be sweet and soft, while still being playful for a little girl.

I chose to do a simple scallop detail on one of the walls in Finley’s room. The color is “Ballet Slipper Pink” from the Martha Stewart Line {which HD Canada no longer sells, but they still have the formulas} and the walls are BM Simply White. I traced it on the wall {more on that later} and then painted free hand with a 1.5″ brush.

The room started out as a buttery yellow, which really made the room feel… well, yellow! The trim felt too orange, and while the room felt sunny it didn’t feel fresh. I think yellow could possibly be one of the worst colors to pair with our hue of wood trim. The white has brightened the room so much, and really diminished the orange hue of the wood. Our whole house was painted this color, and slowly but surely I am getting rid of it!

I posted a quick before photo on my instagram, because I didn’t have the camera home over the weekend. I’ve just started cleaning it out, and thought I would hang the drapes and make the bed. I need to get a latch for the old glass door knob before I move Finley in, because our cat Tiger has quickly made the foot of the bed his favorite sleeping spot.

antique bed girls roomseafoam drapery

rose bodice baby tutu

baby tutu

The painting above was a gift from Mizzzz Deborah, which hung in her home for many years. I loved going to her house as a child… she would always say “your room is ready!” and I felt so special knowing I had a place in their home. I spent many hours as a young girl playing secret garden in the back yard, dressing up in her closet or going along on treasure hunts as she curated pieces for her home. She let me be a kid, but she was always a friend… experimenting with different paint techniques as we pretended to have a home show, or making cream of wheat at her gas stove. She has a love for Jesus, cappuccinos, ginger cookies and fairies. We had so many talks out on the deck or tucked in the garden; a bible and a bottle of nail polish atop the table. She always loved me and I’ve always loved her too. I will never forget her telling me “Jesus loves you yesterday, today and tomorrow! No matter what.” How thankful I am for her in my life, through all the many seasons. It feels extra special to have this piece in Finley’s room. pink scallop paint detail

The double bed also came from Mizz Deborah’s when Matt and I first were married. We decided to keep it available for guests… mostly for my mama or sisters 😉 In the event they come for a visit, Fin will just move to our room in the play pen for a few nights. I would love to give it a refresh with a coat of paint, but since I can’t quite make my mind up, I decided I would wait until I am finished all of the trim touch ups!antique bed detail

wood trim white wallsI have an old chandelier I’ve been lugging around for several years now, and it will be perfect in this room 🙂 Finley’s crib will go along the same wall as the bed, and there will still be some space left for her to play. Walking into this room somehow reminds me of a fairy circus! While I am not a huge “pink” fan, it seemed fitting to have just a dash, seeing as how Fin’s mama is a ballerina 😉

burlap buntingThese drapes came from my mama and are so sweet with the pin wheel detail. The burlap bunny bunting (how is that for alliteration) was a gift from my sister, as was the adorable baby tutu! And yes, Finley has worn it 😉

I can’t wait to bring in the rest of the furniture, a rug and a few little toys for fin to complete this room. I’d love to find a lamp and some additional art work as well. For now it feels wonderful to have cleared it out, as it had definitely become a drop zone the last few months! I am trying to just work through our home, and rid it of uneccesary clutter. Since having kids we have accumulated so much stuff, and with Matt and I both being “resourceful” we have a lot of projects that I would rather just pass on.

Looking forward to sharing more as this space grows. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

-Miss Ash


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