Remember back in January when I posted about updating our bathroom… and I started covering the walls with reclaimed wood? And I built a little farmhouse vanity and drew pictures of built ins, and floor plans… All while my husband was away? And then he came home, and he was willing to move the toilet and reroute the plumbing for the sink so I could change the swing of the door and get my sanity back… yes. I remember that too.

So… what happened to that? Well. Aside from life, and mojo, quesions started to arise. Questions that my husband always had “What if…” but I was so set in just changing that door, and making our daily lives function that I didn’t want to think anymore, I just wanted to do. But then I came across this bathroom makeover from Beneath My Heart. And I started to change my mind… I was able to see what HE was thinking all along…What if we put a tub in, moved the toilet over and kept the tiny sink… nixed the built ins… AHHHHHHHHH! More thoughts.

First, look at how cute their reno is:

Is it not totally bizarre that their little vanity is basically the same vanity that I have built… butcher block and all? Any ways… I was looking at their bath tub, and noticing that this is not a very large bathroom… but that it is very nice to have a TUB! And I started scratching my head…and brought out the
tape measure.

We have enough room for the vanity, toilet and a tub. What does this mean if we were to go ahead with this plan? We would have to remove part of the palette wall to make way for tile. We would need to buy a tub and tile, and may as well redo the floors while we are at it… and add the vent, change things around the window, rip out the shower, move the toilet and sink, buy new faucets… and the list goes on.

And just like that. We have spent a bagillion dollars, pushed the bathroom reno back by a few year$, and completely changed the scope of my bathroom update… which had a goal of better FUNCTION for the family… and trying something artsy and fun.So, all that to say, the bathroom update is at a stand still. After making that list, I feel like maybe we should just leave the shower…. and stick to my original plan, or else move the toilet over, and put the sink where it needs to be with a plan of adding a tub some time down the road…. but then why finish the reclaimed wall all the way down…. more thoughts.What do you think?

-Miss Ash


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