A long while back {about 2 years ago}I shared some snippets of a reclaimed pallet wall I started while Matt was away working. It occurred to me that I never shared the finished project, so I thought I would go ahead and take care of that today.palette wall one

There were all kinds of ugly happening in the original cottage bathroom. The layout was bad, and the sink was leaky. We needed to find a make do solution because it was driving me crazy! The wall was some type of faux pressed tile wall board, and it was painted an ugly green… as was the ceiling!

IMG_6788 The mirror was covering all types of holes and an old box from the original electrical. {the house was rewired before we purchased it} The window was an update by the previous owners, and I think the wall surrounding the window may actually be a sheet of MDF. It most definitely isn’t drywall or plaster.


I convinced Matt to move the toilet {we have a crawl space under this floor so it’s easy to access} and I built a simple vanity. The butcher block has not held up well {fyi} and you’ll notice a big crack from the water. Splashy children!

This is an awkward little bathroom, and to be honest, it needs to eventually be redone… I had a really hard time photographing it too! So don’t mind the toilet shot and the light streaming in from the window 😉

palette wall window I built the vanity out of scrap wood, leftover butcher block and a $20 clearance sink from Rona. Matt cut the sink hole for me when he got home. The faucet had to be a single hole fixture… I think it was around $80?diy vanitypowder roomWhen I look at this room compared to our new bathroom, it kind of feels like a sad little ugly duckling… I have left it rather neglected. We had planned to build vertical storage to the right of the vanity, but didn’t end up doing it. I think down the road we would like to reclaim some closet space from the adjacent room so that we can put a glass enclosed stand up shower, larger vanity, and re work the lay out a bit. Some day, or maybe never…. but we like to entertain these ideas 😉palette wallIf you’d like to attempt a project like this, here is what my process looked like:

DIY Pallet WallDIY pallet wall

Step 1

Get some free pallets! {my brother found me some and helped load about 5 into my van}

Step 2

Remove the wood. {I tried prying mine with a hammer and crow bar, but this would have taken an eternity… so I whipped out Matt’s Sawsall, and cut the nails with a metal blade. Yep!}

Step 3

Wash boards, then stain or paint if so desired. {I just did a quick brush of some remnant paint and stain.}

Step 4

Paint the wall a dark color {this is optional, but there will be gaps. I painted the wall that was eye level and below in a dark brown}

Step 5

Nail like crazy, arranging a pattern as you go, cutting pieces as you need! {I used a compressor, nail gun and chop saw 🙂 Definitely the tools for the job.} You could even add a little liquid nails.

birdy towel hook{I painted these little iron hooks with some acrylic craft paint then sanded it off}chippy door glass knobI love these old knobs. They grace every door in the old part of the house. They aren’t the best at actually latching and I have had to fix a few… but my are they charming!

-Miss Ash

P.S.- for more details on this bathroom you can see all of the posts about it here, here and here! BAM And for a complete inspiration board check out this post.

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11 thoughts on “Reclaimed Pallet Wall”

  1. OH HOW I LOVE THIS!!! Makes me want to do this in our bathroom… i might send you a picture of our wall to see what you’d think. It might make our bathroom seem smaller? Not sure!

    1. Yes send me a photo!! I have spent a lot of time staring at the wall… it just makes me happy for some reason? I guess I love wood and the texture it brings. It really doesn’t eat into the room much because it is only a 1/2-3/4″ thick board I believe. It also makes the ceilings seem higher in that room.

    1. So glad it inspired a few creative juices Kim! What on earth is that wall covering?! It really is bizarre. I’d love for you to share your finished wall when the time comes 🙂 Good luck!

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