When I was a kid I needed the great outdoors, a bed sheet to wear as a skirt, a few baskets to fill with who knows what- and I was busy for hours playing little house on the prairie, safari- or my favorite of all, secret garden. Many times as a mama, I want to give my kids the coolest, shiniest things- but they often remind me that they don’t need much. The last few months I am trying to encourage Fin to play on her own, so I can give some undivided attention to the boys, especially during school. I had visions of teepees, sheepskin rugs and twinkly lights with fairies; I wanted to create the play space of my dreams.  But a few months ago I decided it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, so I chose to hang a piece that had been collecting dust, to create a toy shelf in her room. A little spot on her level, where she could reach everything.

Kids Toy Shelf | This Mamas Dance-2

It isn’t fancy, it is just sort of there, but it created a little nook for her to play in. She has used it so much! She likes to arrange her little wooden people- maybe stuff them all in a play soup container- and dress her bunnies.

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Sometimes I look at beautiful nurseries, and feel so inspired to ditch everything we have for new, pretty things. But, I’m a little too frugal for that, so I make use of what we have, and it works just fine. We have the same rocker that I’ve used for all of my kids- and the crib that they’ve all slept in. There was a time when I contemplated recovering the rocker and painting the crib, but decided I had enough on my plate- and couldn’t be bothered! ha. This is not your picture perfect staged room 😉 But it’s one of my favorite places to curl up.

Pink Scallop Border, Girls Room | This Mamas Dance-4Kids Toy Shelf | This Mamas Dance-1

I have a different rocker that I would like to move in here now that Fin isn’t nursing.  It will work well for reading stories, but it wasn’t the softest for spending hours in with a little babe. Having that bed in there was a bit of a happy accident- this room doubles as our guest room- I loved having the bed for middle of the night feedings, and nap time cuddles.

Pink Scallop Border, Girls Room | This Mamas Dance-2

Fin is still small, so I think she will be in a toddler bed for a while. I have plans to build her a simple one, as this crib is pretty bulky. I moved the double bed in front of the window, because it felt a little more secure once she switched out of the crib- just in case she decided to go bananas in the middle of the night and jump through the window! Which I know is probably irrational, but, I’m a mom 😉 You can see how it used to be set up here. The crib sits along the wall, at the foot of the bed.

Pink Scallop Border, Girls Room | This Mamas Dance-1

I have a few projects for this space that I have been dreaming up for a while, and hopefully I will find time over the next few months to work on them. Working on the boys room was so much fun- and seeing them enjoy the creative process was such a joy.

Vintage Little Girl's Room| This Mamas Dance-1Vintage Floral Painting | This Mamas Dance-5Kids Toy Shelf | This Mamas DanceWhat a peanut.

Everything in our home should serve a purpose- whether in function of just being pretty to look at. This little toy shelf definitely fits the function requirement- and that is a win in my book!

-Miss Ash

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  1. oh Mizzzz Ash, you played secret Garden, with ur wicker baskets, in the backyard for hours, u were always on a adventure, it was wonderful…✨✨✨

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