I think I am with the masses when I say that our Master Bedroom has always been the last space I’ve given thought to decorating… as long as we’ve been married, it always seems to be the place we throw everything when company is coming. It holds the laundry baskets and papers… I usually work out of my bedroom, so I have been on a mission to declutter it. I also want it to be the beautiful retreat that it should be! I shared this style board a few months ago…

Coastal Cottage Style Board| This Mamas Dance

I have to say that I am so happy with how this room is coming along. I’m still on the hunt for some lamps and side tables- but I did find a bed! The sad thing is that it went out of stock once I finally decided to order it, so I am waiting again for it to come back in… let’s just hope it stays on sale! In the mean time, I have done a little shifting and musical accessorizing. I mentioned that the boxwood wreath had found a permanent home in our bedroom.

White Shiplap with Boxwood | This Mamas Dance

Obviously since I am in the market for a new bed (we bought this frame second hand about 6 years ago because we really wanted a queen, and it was to good of a deal to pass up!) it’s fair to say that the orangey wood was really bugging me. I made a super simple change to solve that… Here it is before.

Wooden Bed frame

And here it is after:

Layered Bedding With Skirt | This Mamas Dance

Bed skirts are a beautiful thing! I have had this one for years- and had been looking high and low for it. Turns out it was in a box that I left unopened when we moved. Since we downsized there were a lot of things we didn’t open, but left in storage. Most of the things I have lived without, so I am planning to have a garage sale this spring- but I was happy to put this bed skirt to good use, after a good ironing 😉

If you saw my insta post the other day, I’m telling you- throw plants and sun hats at things and they instantly feel better!

Farmhouse BedroomMaster Bedroom Side Table 2| This Mamas Dance

I took my brush to this side table last year in an attempt to banish the orange. It’s more or less a place holder at the moment until I find something more my style.
Side Table VignetteSailboat Painting | This Mamas Dance

Grey Ticking Pillow Case| This Mamas Dance

A few people that see the house on the blog have asked me for a video tour… That would be fun to do, but let me clean first! Haha. If you read my post last week, you may be thinking a video tour will never happen… and you might be right.

This photo gives you a glimpse of where things are on the main floor of the addition…that’s the living room right out our bedroom door.

White Bedding

That door in the hallway is  our bathroom

Master Bedroom | This Mamas Dance

Don’t mind the speaker wire- but here is what our ceiling looks like. It’s raw pine, and I still haven’t decided if I will go dark like in the living room or give it a white wash, or leave it as is. What do you think?
Raw Pine Ceiling | This Mamas Dance

White Shiplap with Boxwood white and grey bedding | This Mamas Dance

Wooden A | This Mamas Dance

This sweet little “A” came from Home sense- and I think it is just lovely!!

Layered Bedding, Boxwood WreathUse A Bed Skirt to Hide Unsightly Frame

I may have gotten a little snap happy today! Just a bit… oops.

Well, it’s time for me to sign off. There is literally a baby calling my name, and a couple loads of laundry as well as a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I am happy with how this space is coming along… hopefully I can order the new upholstered bed frame sooner rather than later. I’m pretty excited because I have NEVER bought a new bed frame in my life. Can you believe it?! Hopefully it’s just as lovely in real life as it is in the pictures…

It’s been fun friends. Time to go mom it up.

-Miss Ash

Wondering about our pine walls or barn door track? Take a look at more projects from Our Bedroom Here.

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6 thoughts on “Our Master Bedroom Update”

    1. Thanks Rose. We have had it this way for over a year, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon… but we have noticed certain areas of the pine turning very yellow/pink, which is something I am not sure I would like to keep happening!

  1. I agree with leaving the ceiling or maybe whitewash but not dark. Your room is so light and airy and lovely.

  2. Whitewash, whitewash, whitewash……….if you don’t in time it will yellow with age and you will not be happy…

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