Oh don’t mind me… I’ll just be in the next room re-arranging everything…

I mentioned a few days ago that our new rug was one of the missing pieces to our cottage living room puzzle. Sure, one of the missing pieces may also be the cut stones and mortar on the fireplace, or the trim and paint on the built-ins, but let’s discuss that later shall we?

coastal living room, fall-21

It used to feel like everything was floating around in space… TBT or S… to this photo from last Christmas, when we moved over to the addition… 



Or this one from the Spring {have I mentioned we are an eternal DIY reno household?} {also, I like Spring}blues and greens, living room decorOr the time I moved the couch and realized we need to have nothing bigger then a love seat so I can leave the window open… ish forever. I love that big triple window/door.cottage living room blue couchAll of this to say, that while I am still dreaming of a neutral love seat, a steam cleaner and slipcovered cozy chairs, the jute rug has somehow made me like my couches more. It feels coastal {which is what I thought I wanted until I realized I don’t always get it right the first time} and it has also made the room feel… roomier.coastal living room, fall-9coastal living room, fall-7The couches don’t migrate around the room anymore. Although I think I need a grippy mat for underneath, because the little people of the house often make it bunch when they are doing their ninja, monkey, climb the furniture and bunch the rug tricks. The other good news? Its soft underfoot and my husband likes it 😀

-Miss Ash

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