Alrighty guys, it’s update day! If you would like to follow The Boys Cottage Bunk Room project from the beginning you can catch week 1 and week 2 here. I really am not the type to try and complete a room from start to finish in a set period of time, but it’s really fun so far! This week I put together a few accessories for the boys room, worked on layout and storage, and built a book shelf. I like to play musical furniture as most of you know, and since I am a thrifter/bargain shopper/make doer, some days it’s out with the old, in with the older 😉 If ya know what I mean!

My hubby was away all week, so by the time evenings rolled around I was pretty pooped. I am also helping one of my dear friends with updating her living room, so Friday night and Saturday I was rolling and brushing paint onto her 100 year old walls. No whitewash on our walls yet!

Here is a reminder of the plan for this space:

Cottage Bunk Room Style Board

I managed to make the book rack for the boys room on Monday. This is a project I have wanted to do for ages. I was inspired by these plans from Ana-White. Ana has thousands of free plans for pretty much anything you can imagine! The brilliant thing is that I was able to construct this shelf for free, because I just pulled wood from our scrap pile and worked with what I had. For that reason it is modified, and my pieces dictated the size.


Reading Corner, Desk, Bookshelf, Planked Walls| Mamas Dance-9Reading Corner, Desk, Bookshelf, Planked Walls| Mamas Dance-2                            Pewter Gray Horizontal Plank| This Mamas Dance-4   Reading Corner, Desk, Bookshelf, Planked Walls| Mamas Dance-9


This week I also wanted to find a few accessories to pump it up… the room that is.

I was able to take a “brief” shopping trip to Ikea to buy a few things for the boys room after dropping Matt at the airport. By brief I mean with 3 kids, one of which is under 2 and hadn’t napped.

Brief and Ikea are an oxymoron.

I was through there in an hour and a half, and even got ice cream for the drive home, which is loads shorter than our past trips. I went in for pillow covers and left with a few extra things…

Reading Corner, Desk, Bookshelf, Planked Walls| Mamas Dance-5

There was a dear mom browsing the as is with her 3 kids, 2 of which were crying. My toddler managed to be really pleasant until she lost it in the check out line. IKEA moms unite! There were only 2 tils open on a Friday afternoon. Sometimes I wonder if IKEA is some odd social experiment. I just patted Fin’s hair and whispered promises of ice cream while she started stripping her shirt off and tried to climb out of the cart. My boys were so super helpful though.


white and grey check pillow



I couldn’t find these boxes online… but they came in a pack of 3- one large one with 2 smaller ones inside. The smaller one is shown below, they are the perfect tin boxes for secret treasures.

Reading Corner, Desk, Bookshelf, Planked Walls| Mamas Dance-3White Wall Book Shelf, Kids Room| Mamas Dance-1

I’ll be back in another post with details about this bookshelf. It’s far from perfect, but it is everything I hoped! It took me an afternoon to build, and an evening to paint. The color is Country Chic Chalk Paint’s Simplicity, which is a beautiful, fresh, white.

Still to go in this space:

  • hang the fan
  • finish window trim
  • finish trim for pine seams
  • white wash walls
  • add shelves to lockers
  • DIY Whale Art
  • gallery wall
  • bunk shelves
  • finish bunk ladder

I’m sure there are other things that I am probably forgetting… 😉

If you’d like to follow the other bloggers and designers that are a part of the One Room Challenge you can find all of their inspiring spaces here. Bring a beverage!

-Miss Ash

P.S.-  If you caught my “Pump up the Jam, Pump it Up, A pump it up, yo pump it.” reference…

I woke up with that song in my head this morning. As I wrote this post I went on youtube and found a play list that included Pump the Jam, Ice Ice Baby, Rhythm is a Dancer, Push it…. guys. 90’s Flashback! My kids loved it. If you have kids you should probably go play these songs purely for the dance party that will ensue. Even if you don’t, you should still do it!

links provided are not affiliate links. There are just 50,000 things at IKEA so I wanted to reference them for you in case you wanted them too!

12 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 3: Reading Corner”

  1. That rack looks great. Good job with that!
    About IKEA, I like to go on a week day and be there at 10 am, right when they open. I bring a snack for my kids and run through it to avert meltdowns. It definitely requires a strategy. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mila! Such a good plan about going early on a week day. We don’t live close to an IKEA, so we are always tagging it on to another activity, one day I’ll go kid free and meander through the display floor 😉

  2. Love everything about this! The books look great in the rack. I have a plate rack in a closet that we haven’t used in years. I had just been talking to my husband about the possibility of using it for books and now you’ve convinced me.

    Those mom moments are something else. Mine are grown but I still remember one of those fits in Target.

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