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Good Morning! Based on where this room was at two days ago, it is with a little unbelief and joy that I welcome you to the big reveal of our cottage style loft family room. This room is filled with DIY projects, repurposed finds, and lots of pretty textiles. I am so glad to be a part of the Fall One Room Challenge 2016 hosted by Linda of Calling It Home. Five Weeks ago I jumped in with over 200 other bloggers, designers and generally creative people- to makeover an entire room in just 5 short weeks. This is where I landed!

If you are new here- let me give you a quick introduction to our home. This room is part of an addition that my husband Matt and I built from foundation to finishing. We added it onto a 900sf farmhouse, and are still finishing projects. The reno life seems to be eternal, but we’re are slowly wrapping up all those finishing things we promised ourselves we would complete before we moved in….It’s the first house we’ve ever built- and we are so thankful for this space. It’s located near a lake, so the relaxed, cottage feel is what you’ll find when you enter our home.
Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceI have a theory, flowers make everything better. This room was done on a pretty strict budget- but with a little creativity, elbow grease, and some pretty pillows- it all came together. There are still things to finish like some last coats of paint in the dormer and trim pieces- but things have come a long way! Let’s take a quick look back.


This room was a catchall, makeshift area of our random furniture pieces. Other than the as a play space for the kids, we didn’t use it much- which was a shame because it is such a beautiful space. Here is the same view now.

Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

That butterfly print is hanging on the outside of my DIY built ins. I purchased the IKEA DOMBAS wardrobe (who thought of that name?) and trimmed the doors out, built a platform to raise it up for even more storage, and planked the sides. I still need to pick some hardware for the doors and finish the trim along the base- but I am so thrilled with how it came out.Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

If you followed along at all- you might see that I went a completely different direction with the chairs up here. The frenchies I reupholstered with ticking simply felt like the wrong scale- and the dark wood stain was clashing with the other tones in the room. I kept trying to work around them, but by moving them out it offered a whole world of possibilities. They’ll find a home in another room.

I brought these chairs from my kitchen, and sewed a ruffled drop cloth slip cover for the seats. I love how they turned out! The drop leaf table was a free curbside find- I refinished the top and painted the base.

Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceYou may notice something surprising about the room… in fact it even surprised me. It’s a little modern, and I used pink! Pink you guys… ok. It was completely unplanned. I love a hint of blush- and ruffles. So, when I was out at Homesense shopping for a few accessories, I came across the sweetest little throw. It is soooo pretty- and that throw, along with a few pillows- completely changed the direction of the room.Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

This throw is so soft and feminine, and those ruffles are just too much! There are two pink items in the room- the throw and the candle… the fresh flowers won’t stay forever, so if I tire of the pink- it’s an easy change. But for now, I love it.Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceSpeaking of textiles… let’s talk about the sofa. You might recognize this sofa from our living room. I have been struggling to love it until now! I really love it up here. It just needed the right environment- like a cozy lake house loft- and some delicious throw pillows to to feel at home.Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

I would wonder if it is odd to refer to pillows as delicious, if it weren’t for the fact that I shared a sneak of these pillows on my instagram stories, and got a pile of questions about where they were from. The happy story is that the two embroidered ones on the couch and wicker chair were on clearance- the sad news is they were from Homesense so I don’t know if you’ll be able to find them.Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

Opposite the sofa is our tv. We already love it up here… it just makes so much more sense! Let’s talk about that floating media cabinet. I didn’t share about it in any of the updates because I built it on Tuesday morning. ha! Ok, it was a bit of a hack. You see several years ago we bought the boxes in IKEA as is- to use as a window bench. And then they stored toys. They were awkward and cumbersome… so- I painted them white on Sunday night, with an idea in mind. I mounted them onto the wall, and ran out to my scrap wood pile to see if I had any pieces that might work as doors. Would you believe I did- in fact 3 of the scraps were the perfect size. I stuck them up with some hinges, and finished them with a coat of stain in “Sun bleached” to give them a grey wash look.Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

They feel so mod to me- which in my mind isn’t quite me. But, they look completely at home in this room- and I love the combination of the warm wood tones with the grey, beige and white. Not to mention those pretty plants.Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

The doors could do with a trim to square them up, and some hardware- but I have a few more ideas in store for them that I couldn’t quite get to… so stay tuned!

Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceWhile at Homesense, I also also grabbed those beautiful driftwood frames. I love em. Don’t mind the fact that I still need to populate them with pictures. Seriously guys- it was a mad dash to the finish!

Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas Dance

I framed out this custom print gifted to me from Jibe Prints. It summarizes just what my heart desired when creating this room for our family. I want it to be a gathering place for us to laugh, relax, and build memories as a family. To play games, and cuddle up in front of a good movie. Not to mention have a dance party or wrestling match now and then.

Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceCoastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceWe are all loving this room- and I hope you enjoyed the little tour of this space! I’d still like to find an area rug to define the zones a bit more, and build an ottoman. Having a style board for this space did help me to determine the feeling I wanted, but I’ll be honest the room really took on a life of it’s own. I blame the pillows and that ruffled throw!
cottage-family-room-style-board-2Coastal Family Room Tour| This Mamas DanceLoft Family Room Reveal | This Mamas Dance

Hopefully you found a little inspiration for your own home today! I’ll be back in the coming weeks with details about the wardrobe hack, media unit, custom print frame and ruffled slip covers. Be sure to check out both the designer rooms and guest contributors from the One Room Challenge- there are some beautiful spaces! Have a great weekend everyone!

-Miss Ash

orc-blackOne Room Challenge by Week:

Source List

  • Homesense Canada: Fringe Pillows, Pink Throw, Grey Throw, Frames, Basket, Candle, Galvanized Tray, Faux Sheepskin
  • Ikea Canada: Large White Vase, Large Beige Pillows, White Ruffled Pillow, Wardrobe, Wicker Chair, Stainless Lamp, Ticking Stripe Curtain Panels
  • Home Depot Canada: Plants, Lamp Shade, Ceiling Fan, Drop Cloth,
  • Jibe Prints: Gather Print
  • Graphics Fairy: Butterfly Print
  • Peavy Mart Canada: Wooden Crate

Paint Colors

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27 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 6: The Loft Family Room Reveal”

  1. mizz ash what a wonderful job on that loft, I love all the different textures from the wall to the little picture frames and the blue sofa looks fantastic !

    you did an unbelievable transformation of that room! ?

    1. Thank you so much Mizz D!! It was a lot of fun to pull it together in the final hours… but I was definitely questioning jumping in on the challenge when everything was a mess just a few days before the big reveal. In the end though, I am so glad I did!

  2. Ash, you are so talented and I love how you used a few things around that house that just weren’t right in other spaces but are now PERFECT! Loved the shot of the kids too!
    Love from afar beautiful friend!

  3. OHHHH, this is beautiful. So many creative ideas…that cabinet hack is great! Love the adorable chair seat covers, I need to learn to sew a ruffle asap. I feel ya on the mad dash part, I was taking photos on Wednesday! Why we do this to ourselves is quite humorous. ~Sonya

    1. Thank you sweet Sonya! It is a laugh. The reveal photo shoot would make for good entertainment I am sure 😉 Sewing a ruffle is so much easier than I ever thought! Don’t delay- because once you learn you will want to ruffle all the things. Thanks for stopping by.xo

  4. This is so pretty! I absolutely love your style – the perfect, cozy hang-out space, but so light and bright and airy. Beautiful accessorizing and photography, as well!!

  5. What a beautiful, relaxing space! It’s gorgeous! I love your ceiling with the pretty white shiplap. It’s such a nice backdrop for your furniture! The chair slipcovers are really sweet.

  6. That’s such a huge and beautiful change in just 5 weeks, wow. The space looks amazing now. Love the colors and fabrics you chose. It makes the family room look so light and airy. Bet you spend a lot of time there now. Well done it really looks stunning.

  7. Wow I really love this room! I’m actually loving everything on this blog. I found it when I was searching how to white wash a plank wall on Pinterest! Very glad I clicked a pin that linked me here.. I’ll be checking in regularly to see what’s new!

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